Look who’s chasing Imran Khan!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Imran Khan has always been bang on with his fashion.
The news is that, an international brand who is making an entry into India is in talks with the actor Imran Khan to come on as a brand ambassador.
The particular apparel brand has learnt about Imran Khan’s popularity amongst one of the best dressed actor in B-town and so the brand wants to capitalize on this particular fact and is keen to enter the market with Imran Khan being the face of it.
The actor’s wardrobe is loved by many including his friends.
In fact, Ranveer Singh as an actor admires Imran’s style. Also during film promotions Imran is always seen well dressed, which he is known for.
Imran is certain about his style statement and never fails to leave an impact.
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