Sanjay Dutt has a new way of sweating it out!

Sanjay Dutt

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sanjay DuttDuring his time at Yerwada, Sanjay had learnt a new way of maintaining fitness by adopting a very new method of exercises! As the actor had no access to a gym, Sanjay started using the phawdas which is used to carry water as his dumbbells!
The actor used to fill these phawdas with water and use to start doing lifts! The actor started performing free hand exercises and came up with new ways and replaced the concept of one going to gym and sweating it out.
Be it Squats, bicep curls or even diamond push ups, Sanjay Dutt did it all in natural ways!
News is Infact even now, the actor has continued to do the same! Sanjay still uses Phawdas as his dumbbells and has maintained doing all those free hand exercises at his residence in Bandra. Sanjay dedicates about 2 hours to all these exercises without giving it a miss!
The actor’s gym at his residence has become his secondary choice and has gotten equipped to the natural way of being fit! And as we can see, the actor looks immensely fit!  The actor, has become so used to freehand workouts that, going to the gym is something that doesn’t appear on top of his mind nowadays.
Sanjay Dutt prefers doing free hand workout over sweating it out at a conventional gym.
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