John Abraham, the hunk to re-shoot post injury in Mumbai

Force - 2

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Force - 2John while shooting for an action sequence injured his knee as he had not used any body doubles and wanted to film the scene by himself.
The incident took place in Budapest while shooting for his upcoming film Force 2 which is a sequel of Force. This accident could have been avoided as the scene shot was fantastic the first time but John insisted on doing the stunt again and ended up hurting his knee.
John fractured his knee and was rushed to a hospital near by. The actor admitted that he had not realized the extent of his injuries and had returned to the shoot with swelled up knees.
John shared “I was rushed to a local hospital in Budapest where a huge injection was administered to my knee and the blood aspirated.“
After going through a corrective surgery, John and team has now taken precautionary measure to ensure that there are no accidents.
When contacted producer Vipul Shah, he shared .“The one-take sequence requires John to dash past a door and take on half-a-dozen men at once.We suggested using a body double this time but John wanted to do it himself, again. However, we are ensuring that nothing goes wrong this time,“ Vipul Shah also added, John has been rehearsing for the sequence for a week now which has been choreographed by action director Kaecha. “We are not going back to Hungary for the re-shoot but have created a set in Mumbai similar to the one in Budapest.The sequence itself is a lot more bigger and better this time. I am sure John has consulted his doctor and he will carry it through as he does every time,“
Post the filming of the action sequence, John and his co star Sonakshi Sinha will be shooting for a romantic song, some time in August which will be shot in Mumbai itself.
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