Pankaj loves both characters of Shahid Kapoor!

Pankaj-Shahid Kapoor
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Pankaj-Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor is soaking in all the applauds that he has been receiving for his performance as Tommy Singh. In fact what very few know is the fact that Pankaj Kapoor had seen the film a day prior to the release.

However, after watching the film Pankaj Kapoor couldn’t decide as to which performance of Shahid was better. Was it Haider or Tommy Singh. The actor who won immense applause for his performance in Haider presented a completely different side of him as a rock star. And here Pankaj couldn’t weigh as to which performance of Shahid was better as he has excelled at both characters. He has loved both the characters and can’t pick and choose as to which one he likes the best!

In-fact even Shahid out of curiosity asked him as to which character he liked amongst the two, but the veteran actor still couldn’t pick one between the two.

Spokesperson confirmed the news and added, “After watching the film, Pankaj came out debating over which character has he liked more between Haider and Tommy Singh. Shahid curiously even asked as to which character does he prefer more. After taking a long pause, Pankaj still couldn’t decide on which character to pick as being an actor himself he has loved both his characters.

Shahid has delivered a phenomenal performance as Tommy Singh and has added one more feather to his hat. The actor has proven his versatility yet again.

Shahid will soon be seen in VIshal Bharadwaj’s Rangoon next.

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