Movie Preview Ishq Ka Jazbaa

Ishq Ka Jazbaa is a love story of Ayan (Sabahat Ali Khan) and Sona (Komal Rajput). Ayan climbs the ladder to success as a published author and alongwith that, je becomes more and more arrogant. Cracks begin to develop between Ayan and Sona till one day, Sona under advice from her friend, Anita, leaves Ayan and goes away to Shimla where her mother lives.

In Shimla, Sona’s friend, Rohan (Inder Kumar), tries to woo her but Sona is not sure whether she wants to divorce Ayan and marry Rohan. There, Naved Rana (Mukul Dev) threatens Ayan to admit before the media that a book authored by him was based on his (Rana’s) life story. But Ayan is unwilling to do so. Instead he asks Sona’s friend, Anita, to give him the manuscript of the controversial book so that it was his original work. Before Anita can hand over the manuscript to Ayan, she is murdered. Also murdered soon thereafter is Ajay the investigating police officer who was friends with Ayan.

Ayan now goes to Shimla to ask Sona for the manuscript. There, he sees Roahn’s closeness to Sona and loses his temper. Before long, Naved Rana lands in Shimla and attempts to kill Rohan. Rohan gets injured but doesn’t die. It is here that Ayan confesses that Naved Rana is his man who would eliminate anyone who came between him (Ayan) and Sona as he still loved her. Does Ayan finally confess to the story not being his? Does Sona divorce Ayan and marry Rohan? Is what forms the rest of the story.

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