Movie Preview Femen God is a Woman

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Ukrainian feminist movement Femen is attracting more attention than ever after their support to the Pussy Riots and the opening of their new centre in Paris. Swiss film director Alain Margot has been following them since 2010 for feature-length documentary Femen – God is a Woman, that will hit the festival circuit in 2013. The film is currently in post-production and is collecting funds through a crowd-funding campaign on WeMakeIt ( The collected funds will give the opportunity to the protagonists to follow the film in festivals and take part in debates.

Alain Margot, the director, talks about their first meeting in 2010: "I was immediately struck by the incredible strength of these women. After a few months, I realised I had managed to gain their trust and they allowed me to shoot a film about them. I have been following them for nearly two years, the material I have shot so far is really unique, some of the interviews are truly authentic. I was the first to organise a European tour for them, it was very hard to get them visas."

Interview with Inna Shevchenko

You have just taken refuge in Paris and you intend to open a new centre there. Do you want Femen to become an organisation that operates in the whole world?

Our movement became an international phenomenon long ago. Even when we were in Ukraine, people knew us and followed us from all around the world. Now, we intend to build a structure for the international feminist movement. This is why we are planning to open five centres for female activists in five different regions, based on their geopolitical specificities. After Ukraine and France, that train activists in the ex-Soviet Union and Europe respectively, we intend to open three more centres to train future "sextremists": in Latin America, in North America and in the Middle East.

From the start, your movement has attracted a lot of media attention. "Femen – God is a Woman" is the first theatrical film about Femen, what difference do you see between that format and TV or press?

The documentary "Femen – God is a Woman" is a personal attempt from director Alain Margo to understand our activities and to reveal to viewers his view on the members of our movement, their personality et the motivation behind their fight. Television shows the final product of some of our activities, the film will be a way of getting into the Femen's own kitchen and to show what is happening inside.

Has it been difficult to let Alain Margot, a man, explore your intimacy and give his own point of view on the movement?

No, it hasn't been difficult, Alain is very professional, we hardly ever noticed him, this is why I believe the film will be completely objective.

The crowd-funding campaign on WeMakeIt will allow you to follow the film in festivals. What type of events shall we expect from you there?

We will take this opportunity to communicate with the press, to meet supporters and fans and, obviously, we will train local women in order for them to take part in Femen's activities.

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