Movie Preview Chor Chor Super Chor

In the crowded bylanes of old Delhi, Shuklaji runs a small photo studio as a facade for small time crime. Over the years he has groomed a bunch of youngsters in the art of pick pocketing and petty crime. Satbir, a gang member, wants to give up a life of vice and make a fresh beginning. He bumps into Neena on his first respectable job assignment and falls for her.

Meanwhile another crook Amol and his gang of slow-witted goons are on the look out for smart men to enlist in their crew. He has his eye on Ronnie, one of Shukla's proteges, but Shukhla seems too big an obstacle to surmount. Ronnie however, has had it with the low budget stuff and can't wait to hit the big game. While, Ronnie finds admission in Amol's gang at the behest of kidnapping a diamond merchant, Purshottam Das, Satbir on the other hand takes to a clean life and pursues Neena. Curious about Satbir's connections, Neena asks him about his cronies and if she could watch them live in action. Though hesitant at first, Satbir gives in to her request just to win her over

Totally smitten by Neena, Satbir shows her real instances of pickpockets on their job, Neena although has totally different agenda under her mellifluous innocence. What happens next are witty comical situations forming a complex jigsaw puzzle.

What does Neena have up her sleeve? Will Satbir finally win Neena? What happens to Amol and Ronnie? Will Satbir be able to stash the life of crime? Chor Chor Super Chor explores Delhi's grey underbelly in a spleen bursting satirical comedy.

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