A Warrior’s Religion

The documentary will be poetic in nature and told in the manner of an unbiased editorial. It will feature interviews with community leaders, media personalities, and other prominent figures in the South Asian community, along with historical references, news footage, crime statistics, South Asian youth interviews, and cultural comparisons.

My goal is to bring awareness to anyone who has misconceptions about this culture, including those within the South Asian community itself. Though strong references are made toward Sikhism, this documentary will relate its issues to other cultures and communities as well.

Most members of the South Asian community in the Greater Vancouver area are of Sikh descent and most of the murders are occurring among Sikh youth; I believe awareness is most needed within this group. As a Sikh, I am able to use my own knowledge and personal experiences to communicate this awareness.

Violent crimes have increased significantly in this community over the last few years. The community chooses to live behind the walls of ignorance and denial. It is time to break down those walls to create much needed acceptance and awareness. If we are unable to enlighten this cultural minority, then the youth and gang violence issue will surely pass onto the next minority.


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