Movie Review: Bloody Isshq

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Movie Review

Bloody Isshq

Cast: Akash, Shilpa Anand, Tripta Parashar, Mukesh Tiwari

Directed by: Arup Dutta

Creative Director: Aroti Bhattacharya (?)

Review by: Faisal Saif

Ratings:  *

What do you call a movie which has a Promising start, Attractive Songs and Eye-Catching promotions but fails to entertain or enlighten you with the story? Plus you also witness some Performances (Especially Tripta Parashar) which can be easily termed as the worst performances in the history of Indian Cinema. Yes! Bloody Isshq is the perfect set example here.

Natasha (Tripta Parashar) is multimillionaire in Bangkok who meets with an accident which is life-threatening. Enter Nirvaan Shroff (Akash) who saves Natasha from the accident but his attitude and the rough around the edges persona attracts her to him. But Nirvaan is not the one to be taken in easily. And he is surely not behind Natasha’s money (At least, That’s what he keeps repeating in the film in every new scene), He even burns the expensive car in a “Laadla-Sridevi” style which is gifted to him by Natasha. A wager from her friend starts the game of seduction between Natasha and Nirvaan. But what unfolds is something that even Natasha had not thought of. She actually falls for him, not knowing the fact that Nirvaan is married to Radhika (Shilpa Anand) who is staying in Pattaya and going through a serious surgery. Natasha’s uncle Vikram Rathod (Mukesh Tiwari) is cop who suspects Nirvaan and his ambitions. Natasha often refers him as Mama/Mamu (In a way which is sure to make you laugh your lungs out). What happens next and what Nirvaan does is what forms the finale of Bloody Isshq.

Akash debuts in Bollywood through this film. His father Kunal Singh (Who is also the producer of this film) is considered to be an icon of Bhojpuri Cinema. It looks like Akash was sort of ‘Over-Confident’ while shooting this film. What do you call an actor who has no expressions at all on his face and when he cries (In a Scene), You actually end up laughing?  Ditto Tripta Parashar, A ‘Wannabe’ Priyanka Chopra and Aishwarya Rai. There is a scene in the film where Nirvaan is leaving her forever and she stops him to convince that she actually loves him. The way she is convincing him will again make you laugh out loud. Tripta, In a way provides a lot of comical elements in the movie with her worst acting skills. She neither looks seductive nor domineering (As per the character). In short, Doesn’t fit the bill and must take some serious good acting lessons.

It was really a surprise to see a very talented actress like Shilpa Anand in a very small role of Raadhika (Nirvaan’s wife). On a serious note, Shilpa Anand is an actress to look out for. According to me, It’s Shilpa who steals the show and walks away with the Cake.The makers should have cast Shilpa Anand in the role of Natasha (Which was originally performed by bad acting ‘Legend’ Tripta Parashar). Mukesh Tiwari acts well in a small but a Brief role.

Director Arup Dutta chose a wrong script (Aroti Bhattacharya) this time. At one point of the time, The screenplay confuses you so much that you feel you are being taken for a Ride. Someone said Arup Dutta is the same director who made ‘Morning Walk’. From my point of view, Arup Dutta must start taking some Long Walks. Cinematography of the film is good and eye-catching. Music of the film is very good. But the moment you watch the songs on the screen, You feel a big let-down.

My final words of advice? If you want to take a ‘Revenge’ from someone, Make the person watch Bloody Isshq for once.

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