Car Insurance is Your Car’s Life Jacket – Which is the Right One for You?

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Unlike traveling within the city or around using public conveyances, driving your own car is a much better alternative. You need not pay a fare for every ride you take. Particularly for long-distance rides, it becomes much easier to travel in your car than on a bus or train. You can pull-over your car to the side or take a detour whenever you like, whether for a small break, or to visit the places of your choice.

But what about your car’s life jacket? Have you thought about it considerably?

While being on the roads, risk of meeting with an accident is always there. A mishap can occur any time, either due to your fault or that of other commuters on the road. Getting the damaged car repaired can result in significant financial liability for you.

As your car’s life jacket, you need a comprehensive car insurance policy that can help you avoid paying for car damage repair bills in case of road accidents.

You might have bought third party car insurance thinking you only need it to meet the conditions mandated as per Motor Vehicle’s Act. However, if you want to enjoy financial coverage against paying for repair bills for your car along with many more benefits other than just a third-party liability cover, you should buy a comprehensive car insurance policy. Depending on the coverage limit and other policy terms, the insurer will pay for repair expenses.

Even though you can easily buy car insurance online these days, selecting a policy may seem like a difficult task for you. Worry not, as we will help you buy the most suitable car insurance policy.

Keep the following things in mind when purchasing car insurance:

Check for the Benefits You Get at a Specific Price

These days, the Indian car insurance industry is highly competitive, with several insurance companies battling with each other. That’s why you can easily find many insurers offering car insurance online or offline at different rates.

In general, car insurance cost is one crucial factor that determines its attractiveness to a buyer. For instance, you may find a car insurance policy available at a lower price more attractive than the pricey alternative.

But think again.

Price is not the only factor that you should consider while buying car insurance. Dig deeper and find out the benefits that the policy comes with at a specific price.

Pay more heed to price-to-benefits ratio than the price alone.

Compare Car Insurance Policies Online

If you need to connect with a local insurance agent for policy comparison, you would think twice. You never know if he tells you the truth or just playing with words to sell car insurance.

Keep in mind that every car insurance policy is unique in terms of its features and benefits. There are so many factors that you need to consider while buying a policy, be it coverage limit, deductible, NCB or add-on covers.

Comparing the policies based on these factors is very important for you and is also easier online. You can compare various car insurance plans free of cost and make a wise decision as per your specific needs.

Ask About the Insurer’s Customer Support Service

Next to the benefits of a car insurance policy, what matters is how quickly an insurer’s team responds to your queries.

You would want to include a higher coverage limit to your policy or file a claim. In both cases, you expect the insurer to offer hassle-free customer support services.

The best part – you can get to know about these services by researching more about an insurance company. Look for details like the number of years in the business, genuine reviews from the policyholders, and claim settlement ratio and other such statistics before choosing one.

After buying a car insurance policy online, you can expect to enjoy not just the right coverage but also a seamless claim settlement process if you research well beforehand. By keeping vital things as listed above in mind, you can buy the policy that best fits your needs and offers maximum benefits. Also, make sure you choose a renowned insurance company like Tata AIG, to secure your car with this lifejacket.

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