Buy a Volvo in Canada, drive it in Sweden first

The purchase of a new car is a process that is both exciting and daunting. Between choosing the model that will meet most of your requirements and approaching a sales person you feel you can trust, calling it an experience is no overstatement. The end result, however comes with a feeling of excitement and accomplishment when you get to take the wheel of your new car.

Now picture this: you receive the keys to your new car at the Volvo headquarters in Sweden, and then get to spend a few days driving it on the beautiful roads of its native land before returning to Canada, with your car. That’s what Volvo’s European Delivery Plan is about. Emanuel Lichtinshtein, national Fleet sales, CPO and remarketing manager at Volvo Canada, takes some time to answer a few of my questions regarding the program and how they set themselves apart.

Four easy steps

For 10 years now, new or returning Volvo buyers have had the opportunity of taking delivery of their new ride in the enchanting setting of Gothenburg, Sweden, turning the purchase of a Volvo into a full Scandinavian experience. Once a buyer decides to check off that option on the purchase contract, the manufacturer lists four easy and exciting steps leading to the final delivery of the vehicle.

First off, you must order your new Volvo vehicle through the program at a participating dealership, so you must inquire about the participating establishments. That’s where you might hit a roadblock, as there are only five to eight dealers across Canada that offer the program. Why does it matter?  Emanuel Lichtinshtein explains that only expert sales representatives, familiar with the process and the documentation, can properly fill in this type of request. And since the delivery of the car is on the other side of the Atlantic, its shipping and a round-trip to Sweden for two people are at stake, you would expect things to be done properly.

However once the request is placed, just like a concierge, the retailer takes care of every detail, and the only thing the future owner has to do, is pack.  Which leads us to the second step: picking up the vehicle. The production period averages 8 to 10 weeks. Once your Volvo is ready for its test ride, your package includes, among other things, two round-trip tickets to Sweden and a one-night stay in Gothenburg, where you will receive the keys to your new Volvo for the first time. You will also have the option of visiting the manufacturer’s facilities and museum, as well as take a tour of the site on board Volvo’s Blue Train. Other European delivery locations are available as well, but it will cost a premium between $950 and $1,260 to benefit from it.

Part three is the most fun. Once you’ve seen enough of Volvo’s headquarters, you get to hit the road. Whatever road. You can either follow recommended tours and roads to stay on the safe side, or venture out on your own. The only limitations to your Scandinavian adventure are your imagination, a 15-day insurance and license-plate coverage and a six-month deadline to have the car delivered to Canada to avoid the 25% European Value Added Tax. Volvo has even a list of drop off locations across Europe, should you wish to visit the old continent. And away you go!

Fourth and last step will lead you back to Gothenberg, or to one of Volvo’s European drop off locations to hand back the keys to your vehicle. In the following 6 to 8 weeks, your Volvo will arrive at your dealership, ready to start its new life.

Free if it’s right out of your pockets

I asked Emanuel Lichtinshtein the question on everybody’s lips regarding this royal treatment: how much? And surprisingly, his answer was quite succinct. There are no extra charges for the Volvo European Delivery Program. Additionally, purchasing through the program allows you to save 10% on the purchase price by avoiding the usual Canadian-MSRP channel. In addition, the program is not limited to the more luxurious models and trims, as it is sometimes the case with other manufacturers. Any Volvo of your choosing can be delivered via the program.

And technically speaking, there is no catch. At least not in the usual ‘small characters at the bottom of the contract’ way. The only conditions for being eligible to the program is to be at least 18-years old, a Canadian resident, and have a valid passport and driver’s license.

Oh, and you have to pay cash. The program is not available should you decide to lease or finance your future vehicle. So you need to own your Volvo by the time you get to drive it for the first time. A minimum down payment of 10% is expected at your dealership and the remaining amount must be paid in full before your trip to Sweden. The purchase can be financed through an institution, but Volvo must receive the payment in full before sending you to Sweden.

So on the one hand, the scarcity of Volvo dealerships that actually offer the program, as well as the necessity to pay the bill before receiving your vehicle may limit accessibility to the program. On the other hand, you receive your new car with memories for a lifetime and a purchasing experience like no other. For further information regarding the program and for the location of the dealerships that offer it, you can visite Volvo’s dedicated website. Where will your new Volvo take you?



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  1. I contacted Nelson from Volvo of Oakville as I was referred to him by a colleague of mine which dcomment_ID this program a few years ago… Nelson was excellent with us and he keept us informed everytime that was an update on our Volvo. From the first day we walked at his dealership to the day the vehicle arrived in Oakville from our trip, we’re treat like a VIP (Red Carpet Treatment), he even went to pick us up from the GO Train Station the day we got re-united with our Volvo. The Experience from the moment we landed in Gothenburg, to the Hotel, to the Factory and the Tour was top notch… friendly people everywhere and the thumbs up we got while driving our Volvo in Europe with those Red License plates, made us feel like a trully VIP (Diplomat) status.
    Nelson from Volvo of Oakville, needs to be mentioned here as he’s a Volvo Ambassador and what a pleasure we had to meet and deal with him.
    Nelson Baptista
    comment_content_author_url: Fleet Manager, Expat, Diplomat & European Delivery

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