Satish Thakkar is new President of Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce

At the Annual General Meeting of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce held Wednesday, June 29, in Toronto, Mr. Satish Thakkar was elected the 24th President of the Chamber. He has been associated with the Chamber for the last four years, initially as a director and then as the Vice President.
Speaking about his priorities as the new President, Satish said, “My focus will be on the enhancing Chamber’s membership; augmenting the Chamber’s six councils; building the Chamber’s infrastructure; and focusing on the Canada-India trade corridor.”
Elaborating further upon these priorities, Satish explained that the Chamber will evolve a grassroots approach to building its membership base to reflect the demographics of the Indo-Canadian population which is now over a million. “The community has a larger than average share of entrepreneurs, and the Chamber should represent their aspirations,” he observed.
Additionally, Satish plans expand the network of councils this year. He will also focus on revitalizing the councils in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia and Manitoba, and devise programming that will engage existing members and attract new ones.
A growing Chamber needs robust infrastructure, and the new president emphasised that he will concentrate on creating the requisite physical infrastructure including properly utilising the building fund for the building.
Recalling the stupendous success of the PBDCanada2011, Satish said he would continue the Chamber’s accent on the Canada-India trade corridor, as he believed that the Chamber has a pivotal place in influencing and shaping policy on this matter.
“The feedback of members who came to the annual meeting is clear, they want the Chamber to focus on these areas, and as the new president, I’ll work hard to meet our members’ expectations.”
Satish is a dynamic entrepreneur and a highly experienced Chartered Accountant from India and a CGA from Ontario with over 18 years’ experience in providing full service business advisory consultations. Currently, he is the President of a boutique business consulting firm “Excelsior Financial Group”(Toronto). Excelsior provides advisory service to individuals and corporations in financial structuring and planning, accounting, taxation and business consulting.
Satish is a prominent and active member of the South Asian business and professional community in Canada. He has extensive global experience in the financial service industry and has a proven track record of providing custom full service business and transaction advisory consultation to meet the unique needs of his clients in the realm of both personal and corporate financial structuring and planning. He helps companies grow and enhance shareholder value by providing strategic advice on major transactions by offering both debt and equity solutions from institutional and private lenders.
Six other members were elected to board of directors. They are Mr. Aditya Vasudev, Mr. Dharma Prakash Jain, Mr. Navalkishore Bajaj, Mr. Puneet Kohli, Ms. Ruby Sohi and Mr. Sanjay Makkar.
Commenting on the high caliber of the new directors, Satish said, “I am excited to work with the new team. All of them have a brilliant track record in their professions or business. I am confident that together as a team, we will succeed in taking the Chamber to a higher level of performance and achievements.”
Other directors who are in the midst of their two year term are Mr. Harjit S. Kalsi and Mr. Vinay Nagpal, the Immediate Past President. The elected members of the board who have completed their terms this year are Ms. Asha Luthra, Mr. Imtiaz Seyid, Mr. Pankaj Mehra, Mr. Yatendra Shah.

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