Minister of Education to Attend Argos’ Huddle Up Assembly

Toronto Argonauts

Toronto Argonauts

Gulfstream P.S. calls for bullying prevention program

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club will welcome The Hon. Laurel C. Broten, Minister of Education, Province of Ontario, to its Huddle Up Bullying Prevention school assembly scheduled for Tuesday at Gulfstream Public School.  The Argos and its players have been at the forefront of helping to eradicate bullying in GTA schools for well over a decade through its award-winning Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, presented by Tim Hortons. 

Minister Broten will help open the assembly which has become an annual event at Gulfstream P.S.  The assembly will also feature a testimonial from Argonauts defensive back and Toronto native Matt Black, sharing his experiences with bullying, and particularly, peer pressure. 

The Hon. Laurel C. Broten, Minister of Education, remarked, ““The Huddle Up program is a perfect example of how everyone – parents, students, teachers, school board staff and community members – can work together and make our schools safer, more inclusive places to learn.” 

Commented Chris Rudge, Executive Chairman and CEO of the Toronto Argonauts, “The Toronto Argonauts have been a part of the fabric of the City of Toronto for well over a century.  We are extremely proud of the work that our players do through our Huddle Up program, with the partnership of Tim Hortons, to help shape the future of Toronto by reaching out to the youth of today.  We are honoured by the support of Minister Broten in helping us achieve our mission of shedding light on the issue of bullying in schools and developing strategies for removing it through student engagement.” 

The program, in its 11th year, is customized for each school to address the specific issues faced by each student body, ranging from physical intimidation to cyber-bullying. The focus is guided by the Huddle Up Student Committee at each of the 41 participating schools, made up of identified bullies, victims and popular students.  These students are empowered to positively impact their school environment by enhancing awareness on the issue of bullying in their school community before, during and after the Toronto Argonauts presentation. 

The Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program uses the personal stories of Toronto Argonauts football players to encourage friendship and inclusion, and reduce or eradicate bullying. In 2012, the Huddle Up program will reach over 35,000 students, and 700 of their parents, with an impactful message that was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Safe School Network. Over the last decade, Huddle Up has reached close to 300,000 students across the G.T.A. ranging in age from 8-18. In 2009, the Huddle Up program became recognized on the Ministry of Education’s Registry of Bullying Prevention Programs. The Argonauts are the only Canadian sports team to have a program registered. 

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  1. [b][i]This is not much more then a PR job for both the Minister and the Toronto Argonauts. Had any one noticed this Bullying has been going on for a long time before they deccomment_IDed to make it a Public Relations stunt. The very people who allowed this poor treatment for kcomment_IDs for years has never been brought up on the carpet. If a football player kicked a player to the ground and stole things on the playing field you think they would be accountable for their actions. Sure would! Not in Ontario Schools, kcomment_IDs are beaten up, degraded and even had dog dirt thrown at them by a school administrator. Where dcomment_ID the Toronto Terrorist come from. Most from Toronto Schools. Since the Toronto Star has exposed this filth the Ontario College of Teachers was forced to admit they dcomment_ID some strange things with 500 cases of abuse by teachers. We do know that this minister of education is fully aware of sex abuse among other terrible things….so what has she done….she is going to play PR games with a Football Team…. Why don’t we allow the Ombudsman investigate these very terrible institutions we call school. Hell the Ombudsman may find something wrong….. what kind of Football PR can you make out of dealing with real abuse,,, having sex with a child, beating in the school yard, degrading people. Out of the hundreds of thousands of teachers across the province only one, yes one, stood up and sacomment_ID the abuse of children is wrong. What dcomment_ID they do to him? Apparently, the head of the COLLEGE who produced a book about sex between students and school administrators ran him out of education, suspended him, degraded him in Professionally Speaking and then in the hundreds of cases that were finally open to the public the Teachers of the Province censored his appeals hearing which would have exposed the fact he claimed death threat were made against him by senior members of the College of Teachers and how he was degraded and humiliated by Ministry of Education Officers…..We do live in very interesting times.In London Ontario a Coach walked off with $835,000 without one single receipt required by his school board administrators asking one question… In the same area a little girl was stolen off the steps of a school and not a single third party investigation of the school where the little girl was last seen took place. Mz Minister of Education go have your PR day…hope you enjoy it. [/b][/i]

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