David Urban and American Continental Group Recognized for Excellence in Lobbying

American Continental Group has been named one of Washington’s standout lobbying firms. The report by Bloomberg Government recognizes ACG for its contributions to the Washington community. Company president David Urban is an effective leader who has brought his company to a high level of success over the past several years.

ACG’s lobbying services help multi-billion-dollar corporations and large nonprofits succeed in today’s challenging economy. Through the practice of lobbying, companies can secure government support for their financial and legislative needs. Lobbyists are experts at crafting deals and finding solutions that work for both sides.

The company attracts the most successful companies in many different sectors including healthcare, technology, housing, financial services, and defense. ACG is also capable of helping clients with government regulations and taxation issues.

Bloomberg Government’s Standout Lobbying Firm
Bloomberg Government collected a list of its top-performing lobbying firms for the year 2019. ACG received a special designation on this list as a standout lobbying firm.

The standout firms were selected based on their average revenue per client, revenue growth, client retention, and profitability of each employee. ACG joined a select group of other Washington lobbying firms in receiving this prestigious recognition.

Bloomberg Government’s research team focuses on a data-driven approach to comparing lobbying firms. This empirical approach means that the companies are fairly judged, rather than being involved in a popularity contest. Bloomberg Government has an extensive proprietary data network and keeps abreast of all lobbying firms’ activities throughout the year.

The Bloomberg Government report can be downloaded from their website at no charge.

Areas of Expertise
Regulatory and legislative activities make up the bulk of ACG’s workload. The company’s expert lobbyists have relationships with public officials that are able to break down obstacles standing in the way of their clients’ success. While lobbying is the company’s main focus, ACG also provides tax, mergers, and acquisitions support.

ACG is a bipartisan firm. This means that its lobbyists are able to approach an issue from both sides. This is especially important in the fractured political environment in place today. A more balanced worldview helps ACG work with clients from both sides of the aisle.

What Does a Lobbying Firm Do?

While the primary objective of a lobbying firm like ACG is to promote legislation, these firms are also involved in a variety of other activities. They can help their clients manage contracts and other agreements with the government.

Contract management is another important part of ACG's business. Its work with defense companies underscores this relationship.

Mergers and acquisitions are another area in which ACG provides assistance. M&A transactions can be difficult and involve a variety of moving parts. It is helpful to retain a firm that is experienced with moving M&A transactions along.

Sometimes M&A transactions like the AT&T and T-Mobile merger run into serious legislative and regulatory problems. Lobbying firms work to remove the obstacles in the way, convincing both sides that the transaction is in the public’s best interests.

The Power of Lobbying
While many companies may believe that lobbying is too expensive, the practice can bring a great turnaround on investment. Lobbying creates added value for all types of businesses.

Forbes reported that companies were able to gain a 1:1,000 return on their investment when they engaged in lobbying activities. For every $1 spent on lobbying, the companies received $1,000 in government funding or contracts.

Companies engaged in lobbying activities were also able to work efficiently while concentrating on their core business goals. While lobbyists do their work with legislative officials, clients are free to improve their businesses.

David Urban, the President of ACG
David Urban has a broad skill set and an insider’s perspective on lobbying activities. He got his start as a U.S. Army officer decorated for his service during Operation Desert Storm.

Urban practiced law for a period of time and then moved into politics. He worked for Arlen Specter, the former Republican Senator from Pennsylvania, as his Chief of Staff. This job gave him an insider’s view of Washington politics and helped him build many relationships that he would draw on as the President of ACG.

American Continental Group’s Success
ACG has been a successful lobbying firm under Urban’s leadership. It has been able to support a wide variety of companies through regulatory and legislative activities. Bloomberg Government’s 2019 report showed that ACG compares very favorably to other firms in its class, standing out above the rest.

A lobbying firm strives to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of a company’s success and profitability. Today’s challenging political climate makes it even more important that a company has excellent representation in legislative circles. ACG is ready to do its part to help its clients.

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