Raghav finds a fan in Deepika

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Seems like Raghav Mathur wants “So Much” more of Bollywood bombshell, Deepika Padukone since their instant connection at a recent event! While Raghav was in India promoting his newest album, he was spotted having a very enthusiastic conversation with Deepika. This exciting interaction between the two stars continued even after the event with flattering tweets being sent back and forth.

Recent news confirms that Raghav will also be seen performing with the glamorous actress at an upcoming event. Deepika did say in her tweets that she was a “huge fan of [Raghav’s] song ‘Angel Eyes’! In fact the excited pop star also tells us that, “Deepika was mad cool! She said she really liked the new music I did, as well as the old stuff!” Looks as if Deepika really digs everything Raghav’s been doing. Will the two act on their chemistry and give us more to chirp about?

On Raghav’s end, it appears that he “Can’t Get Enough” time with the dazzling diva. He states that he “would love to have Deepika in a video! That’s a ‘no brainer’ but something where it would really use her acting chops and not just her stunning looks.” I suppose we’ll find out in due time, what more is brewing between the two!

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