Emergency Power Solar Panel Kit

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Special thanks and shout out — to Dennis Grubb and the staff at Solaro Energy !

Here is a direct link to the main Solaro Energy website — clearly you can see they make many different products related to energy saving / off the grid solutions:


Watch the video explanation of one of their lighting systems from Dennis directly here– this is their youtube page:


It is important to have a power source — for multiple reasons — power outages, emergencies, natural / man made disasters, severe weather, and even for off the grid living.

Costs can range from just a few dollars (under 100) into multiple thousands. Depending on your budget — there is a form of backup power that many people can afford. The time to prepare is now… BEFORE anything more happens on a global basis.

Try going a couple days without any form of electricity. Life literally goes back to the dark ages without it.  To get a similar setup like the one sent to me… here is their main contact information:

Here is more about their company:

Here are several other links to find out more about solar power — multiple companies offer budget solutions — im not just promoting solaroenergy — Im promoting having a power solution available to meet your needs in case of emergency or to offset your costs in real life:


Here is a link to the mini-solar charger I was talking about that I saw at walgreens (cost is 15 dollars):

Here is a link to several other companies (I cannot vouch for these others as I have not seen or tested their products — read the reviews on the other companies before making any purchase)…


I can vouch for Solaroenergy — that they are indeed a real company known for making working/high quality solar panels.

If you want your products tested please feel free to contact me at : <dork2door@ yahoo dot com>

Label the email PRODUCT TEST — if the item fits with topics I cover — earth changes, space anomalies, severe weather, preparation (survival), healthy foods, or other related issues similar to these — I have no problem reviewing items, testing them, and giving the shoutout via video.

I work for free, test for free, and accept no payments for doing this — any items sent will be sent back unless otherwise stated by the sender who wants me to test the item.

Funding the operation generally (how I pay associated bills):


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