Citizens fight to Save Ontario Place

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Concerned volunteers are now beginning a campaign to save Ontario Place. On February 1st, 2012, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced the closure of Ontario place, which is a historical landmark. Plans are now under way to replace this public space with a privately run casino. 
Presently, a lot of concerned citizens are mobilizing to save this attraction. They want a public consultation, which could include a possible town hall meeting, where alternate visions would be discussed. They want people to care, write their MPP and click like for their face book page at .
“Prosperity means more,” they told me in a by chance interview on Yonge Street. “The social cost of gambling is two to eight times higher than expected profits. This private firm will not pay the social cost,” they argued. “We genuinely feel people will miss Ontario Place when it is gone, but then it will be too late.“
If you wish to join them in their fight to save Ontario Place and stop the building of the Casino in Toronto, go to and click like on .
Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno / Mystery of Everyman’s Way
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