God Is A Woman and She Has Her Own Lush Bath Bomb

Have you watched Ariana Grande’s newest music video for her song “God Is A Woman?” If not, here’s a brief summary of what you’ll see when you press play: vulvas, vulvas, udders, meerkats, more vulvas. Needless to say, by the time it’s over, you get the message: God is a woooooman. But out of all the yonic imagery, the most compelling scene in the video is of the 25-year-old floating (dancing? posing?) in a bath of purple water, seeping out in shades of lilac, indigo, and plum paint, conveniently resembling — you guessed it! — a vulva.

Get it? She (woman) is the center of all creation, which — quick sex ed lesson — begins inside the vagina. Genius, right? What’s even more genius is that a ton of fans — those responsible for the nearly 30 million views on YouTube in the past five days — have decided that the instantly-iconic purple vulva bath moment deserves something more. Something… a little more practical for at-home use.

On July 13, a fan tweeted at Lush Cosmetics, “Make a bath bomb that looks like this [and] call it god is a woman so I can bathe feeling like a goddess.” Grande saw the tweet and replied, begging, “I’ll do anything.” Straight away, Lush responded to confirm that the idea was off to the lab. Five days later, and two official “GIAW” bath bomb prototypes exist — and they’re utterly dreamy, though decidedly less reminiscent of genitalia.

YALL pic.twitter.com/3FCW8ZR627

— eisha ?follow me ari (@grandeslite) July 14, 2018

According to Lush product developer Jack Constantine, the first version of the bath bomb wasn’t exactly right; by the look of a few first tries he shared on Instagram, after it burst in water, it looked too frothy and gray, and less than appetizing. Round two brings more purple, a hint of silver, and tons of glitter — almost identical to the video once dispersed in water.

I had a fun day working on a prototype for @arianagrande of a #godisawoman #bathbomb in the #lushlabs today. Still needs work, version 2 tomorrow ??

A post shared by Jack Constantine (@lush_jack) on Jul 17, 2018 at 10:23am PDT

Leftovers in the sink were bubbling and fizzing all the right colours today ? #godisawoman #bathbomb #lushlabs @arianagrande

A post shared by Jack Constantine (@lush_jack) on Jul 18, 2018 at 12:01pm PDT

By Friday, he had cracked the code, created a prototype, and sent it to Ariana Grande for her seal of approval.

I’ve finished the #godisawoman #bathbomb and sent it to @arianagrande fresh from the #lushlabs ??

A post shared by Jack Constantine (@lush_jack) on Jul 20, 2018 at 9:12am PDT

No word yet on when the finalized product will hit shelves, what it’ll smell like, or how often Pete Davidson will bathe in it (probably every day), so here we’ll be, waiting patiently. Until then, can someone please start a petition for Harry Styles to get his own bath bomb — because we all know he deserves it at this point.

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