Glossier Play Is Finally Here & We Have All The Details

Ever since Glossier announced the addition of a mysterious new sister brand called Glossier Play last week, intrigue and speculation has run high — what could it be? A line of sex toys? An immersive art experience, like the Museum of Ice Cream for “no-makeup” makeup? A new social-commerce platform… whatever that is?

Now, we have our answer: Glossier Play, out today, is a new range of “dialed-up beauty extras” that promises to turn the image of the clean-faced, dewy-skinned Glossier girl on its head with a full line of color cosmetics. So what does “dialed up” mean to the people who famously brought us makeup that looks like we’re not wearing any at all? Based on the initial launches, they’re talking full-throttle makeup-lover’s makeup in saturated shades and dense glitter made to stand out — and not budge.

Four products are available today, starting with Colorslide, a $15 gel eye pencil in 14 metallic and matte shades that’s made to last through 12 grueling hours of life without creasing or smudging. The colors aren’t typical, either: Shades include a bright pink and a deep ginger orange — even Brack, Glossier Play’s brown-black take on the classic tone, adds an unexpected twist.

Photo: Courtesy of Glossier.

Also launching: the $14 Glitter Gelée makeup topper, made to turn anything sparkly for a 12-hour run, and a $16 Vinylic Lip click pen, which aims to deliver high shine and deep color without staining or feathering. Glossier Play’s fourth offering, a $20 liquid highlighter called Nightshine, taps pearl powder for illumination that borders on metallic. Two tools round out the brand’s debut collection: a pencil sharpener, and an applicator designed to be used with the brand’s liquid highlighter.

Each product is available à la carte or as part of of Glossier Play’s bundling option, called Playground, which offers one of each product in any shade of your choosing at a $15 savings — because somehow, Glossier knew we’d want them all. One thing is certain: No matter which shades we pick, or how many unexpected additions come to the line, what it means to have a Glossier face will never be the same.

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