Mercury In Sagittarius Spells Intense Holiday Drama

Super high quality (67 Megapixels!) Mercury with extreme level of detail and clearly visible craters/lines on the surface.

Mercury, the speediest planet in the solar system, is finally leaving its stint in moody Scorpio to enter optimistic Sagittarius on December 1, where it’ll stay until December 20.

The planet of communication is in its detriment in Sagittarius, which happens when a planet is positioned in the zodiac sign opposite the one it rules (Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, so it’s in detriment in both Sagittarius and Pisces). Although this means Mercury is at its weakest, this transit could result in some big-time drama, according to Stephanie Powell, head of content for

Powell tells Refinery29 that Sagittarius is a sign known for being bold, independent, and the life of the party. “Honest to a fault, Sagittarius can serve up some pretty brutal truths and realities,” she says. “While Mercury moves through this fire sign, we’ll be more prone to speaking our mind and opinions, which, over the holidays, could ruffle some feathers.” If you have a family that often argues about politics or gets on each other’s nerves during this season, Powell says to be wary. This is already a stressful time of year, and adding in a transit prone to tension could mean that sparks are about to fly (and not good ones).

Astrologer Lisa Stardust agrees. She warns that it’s especially important for us to think before we speak during Mercury’s time in the sign of the Archer. “We can accidentally put our foot in our mouths and say inappropriate or hurtful words by accident,” she explains. And, like Powell noted, with the holidays approaching, pissing off your partner, your parents, or even your Aunt Myrtle isn’t exactly what we’d like to have on our end-of-year agendas. Take your time communicating this month and pause before you let words leave your mouth (or your fingertips via text). The holidays are stressful enough as is, and adding this celestial element of tension to your plate could be disastrous if not taken seriously.

Along with the possibility of blurting out some foolish comments, we’ll also have a hard time keeping our minds calm during this transit. Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, notes that Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be idealistic, dynamic, and doesn’t like to be bored. “Our minds can get restless easily and we may experience a need for something bigger than normal to occupy the mind,” she says. Because of this, we’re also prone to losing track of the smaller things, like catching up with a friend, grabbing a holiday gift for a loved one, or remembering to do your laundry (we’ve all been there). Now’s the time to be diligent with your planner or to-do list to avoid spacing out on responsibilities. With the New Year approaching fast, this could be the transit that pushes you to get yourself together.

There are some other transits happening in mid-December to be aware of. “Inquisitive Mercury and elusive Neptune square off on December 13, which will make communication extra-confusing and nonsensical,” Stardust says. During this time, she warns that the truth may be hard to find — which will heighten our paranoias and anxieties. And remember what we said earlier about family drama? December 13 is the date to look out for, Powell says. “We may experience extra sensitivities to others’ opinions and feedback,” she explains. Meaning that if you have a family member you often butt heads with around the holidays, this could be the time you have a face off. Send their calls to voicemail that day, or maybe postpone any communication at all — we promise it’s for the better.

The following day, on December 14, Mercury will align with the South Node of Destiny. “In astrology, the South Node is oftentimes interpreted as a point of release,” Powell says. “Intense news can come our way, and the best way to process and proceed is by surrendering.” This is a time to go easy on yourself — armed with the knowledge that Mercury in Sagittarius can be a bit wacky, allow yourself time to process any news you receive. Maybe indulge in some extra self care acts this month (I recommend a hot bath and binging The Crown on Netflix) or try your hand at meditating.

Although not super intense, having Mercury in Sagittarius should cause us all to think twice about our actions and our words. While that’s good advice during any time of the year, it’s an exceptionally good time to follow it now. We’ve got one more month left to go in 2020 — let’s try to end it on a positive note, shall we?

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