Your X-Rated Horoscope For 2021 Is Here

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sex in 2021 will hit different now that we’re officially in the Age of Aquarius. Things are about to get groovy, baby. Aquarius energy is all about doing things our own unique way, so all zodiac signs will notice that 2021 is a year that encourages us to explore our sexual kinks and unorthodox desires. It’s likely that we’ll be seeking out sexual mates who aren’t afraid of exploration, and who don’t mind a bit of roughness around the edges. Transparency and honest communication will feel sexy AF with key power planets in Air signs, so while last year we may have found that our sex lives weren’t as consistently poppin’ as they could’ve been, this year our levels of sexual satisfaction are directly correlated to our ability to directly and openly ask for what we want. The flow of communication is improving, and bomb sex will feel more accessible. 

Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, ends its five-month retrograde and stations direct in Taurus on January 14, and Mars, the Planet of Action, which also rules sex and attraction, will also be in sensual Taurus for six weeks starting January 6. The sex we have as the year kicks off will feel physical intensity. We’ll want to feel consumed, but not controlled, by our partners. Having sex outdoors or in the middle of baking a cake will feel equally stimulating to us, and the more surprising the positions, the better. Once the astrological new year officially kicks off during Aries Season March 21, we’ll find that our horniness levels and sexual stamina rapidly increase. We’ll be more focused on having sex just for the experience rather than make a huge deal out of what it all “means”. But by the Scorpio Full Moon one month later, on April 26, we’ll feel quite differently and will be craving soul-stirring mergers with beings that leave us panting with desire. Sex may feel extra mystical around this time, and we’ll have to be quite careful about using protection, because Scorpio rules reproduction and that full moon can lead to an uptick in pregnancies. 

During retrograde season in the summer of 2021, sex with an ex is quite likely, and the more we try to resist it, the stronger the urge becomes. Unfinished business could lead to a climax of sexual tension combusting during Mars’ transit in Cancer from April 23 to June 11 — fertility is also at its peak when Mars is in Cancer, so take care if you’re not yet ready to expand the fam. Jupiter’s retrograde in Pisces, then Aquarius, from June 20 to October 18 is ideal for exploring tantric sex and exploring more elaborate foreplay rituals with ourselves and our lover(s). Be inspired by erotic films, exchange sexual imagery with each other’s consent, and slow down when lovemaking in order to tap into more existential realms of sex. 

Life will feel super dreamy this summer due to Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces influencing us to think less and feel more. We may let our bodies and souls be our principal guides when it comes to who we have sex with, and if we’re in a committed relationship, making love will feel like a deeply intoxicating way to get to know more of each other through becoming intertwined, in every sense. Scorpio Season 2021 is one for the books. With Mars, the Planet of Action, in Scorpio starting October 30, followed by a sensual Scorpio New Moon on November 4, we’ll collectively be feeling more mysterious, daring, and naughty as the year rounds out, and this encourages us to experiment and go deeper, harder, and further than usual, on both a sexual and soulful level. If we end the year having manifested a threesome or vivid BDSM fantasy, we can chalk it up to the freaky Taurus Lunar Eclipse on November 19, completely amping up our sexual stamina as the year ends. 

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X-Rated Horoscope 2021

March 21 to April 19

Much of what you’ve been fantasizing sexually about is coming to life in 2021, Aries, so prepare for what you’ve asked for. You better start stretching now, babe. On January 6, your ruler Mars shifts out of your sign and enters Taurus, activating your sector of security and abundance. You’ll notice a dramatic shift from the rougher, more spontaneous sex sessions you experienced while Mars was in your sign during the last 6 months of 2020 to the slower, more sensual and practical sex you may have during Mars’ six-week stay in Taurus. Once your birthday season begins on March 20, you’ll want to be treated like the center of attention, particularly in the bedroom. Birthday sex will feel sublime, especially once Venus shifts into its home sign of Taurus on April 14, increasing your self-confidence. Eclipse sex will also feel thrilling for you around May 26, when the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse activates your expansion sector. You may have sex abroad or hook up with someone from a foreign country — ooh la la. Once Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, begins its five-month retrograde in Pisces on June 25, your spirituality sector will be activated, allowing you to seek sultrier foreplay methods and less verbal communication with your sexual partner(s). You may decide to explore tantric sex during the last half of 2021, and that’ll take your sexual experiences to completely new heights. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

April 20 to May 20

What if you could have all the orgasms you’ve ever wanted, and it all came to you with ease, Taurus? You may experience something quite similar from January 6 to March 3, when Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, spends time in your sign, along with Uranus, the Planet of Surprise. You’ll feel much more in tune with your body as the year begins, and you’ll seek out sexual experiences with partners who view and treat your body as the ultimate wonderland. Allow yourself to be more selfish between January and your birthday season — say no to so-so sexual encounters and yes to the soul-stirring, magnetically enticing ones that leave you dripping in sweat and sure of where you stand. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 10 activates your security sector and may lead to single Taureans connecting sexually with more than one lover — perhaps even more than one at a time! Nothing’s off limits during eclipse season, so this summer may have you in the naughtiest sexual scenario you’ve experienced in a while. And just wait to see how much orgasmic sex you're able to manifest by the lunar eclipse in your sign November 19. It'll feel like six months worth of pent-up fantasies are finally getting their chances to come true — and you’ll notice that admirers or current lovers can’t get their minds, hands, and mouths off of you! Indulge in consecutive end-of-year fireworks, Taurus. Let the explosions begin. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

May 21 to June 20

Gemini, this is the year where you may seek to widen the net when it comes to who you have sex with, how often you have sex, and where you have sex. With both Jupiter and Saturn placed in Aquarius, your sector of expansion and adventure is activated most of this year, and you won’t be able to tolerate boring or predictable sexual experiences. You’re seeking novelty, and you’ll particularly be sexually activated by partners with whom you have an intellectual connection. A sapiosexual at heart, it won’t matter if you’re surrounded with alluring sexual prospects if there’s no depth beneath their physical appearance. During Venus’ transit in Cancer from June 2 to June 27, you may find yourself drawn to tantric sex, the type that leaves you in tears. It’ll feel weird for you to feel so sensitive when connecting with someone sexually, but it’ll feel weird in a good way. From September 27 to October 18, your ruler Mercury will be experiencing its second retrograde of the year, in the sign of Libra. You may find yourself sexually indecisive, unsure of whether to call it quits in a situationship or sexual entanglements, or to keep exploring. You’ll have until the lunar eclipse in Sag on November 19 to get your mind and body aligned — the sex you have around then will feel explosively hot, and it may be connected to who you were sexually involved with six months prior. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

June 21 to July 22

What would it look like for you to consistently feel sexually and emotionally satisfied, Cancer? To you, sex and emotions are interconnected, and you’re not afraid to own up to that. You know that the right lover isn’t afraid of your intensity, but rather turned on by it. And with Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, in Taurus as the year begins, your sector of networks is activated, allowing you to connect specifically with the type of lover(s) who’s ready to fulfil your every need — and vice versa. Aquarius Season and the Leo Full Moon on January 28 may position single Cancerians to connect digitally with someone that sparks a strong sexual connection, almost in an inexplicable way. As a Cancer, when you feel a certain synergy with someone sexually, you’re able to unleash an extremely naughty, wildly uninhibited side of you, and that’s what may happen this year, particularly when Mars spends six weeks in your sign from April 23 to June 11. You may have the best sex of the year during that transit — but you have to get out of your own head and be fully present with the experiences that you manifest. If you’re already in a committed partnership, sex will feel more soulful, magnetic, and dreamy around the Capricorn Full Moon on June 24, and during Capricorn Season six months later. Use retrograde season’s energy this summer to become aware of what’s been missing in your sex life, that way once Saturn and Jupiter shift direct in your sector of merging in October, you’ll be able to show yourself, and your partner(s) exactly what it takes to make you climax time and time again. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

July 23 to August 22

The Age of Aquarius is going to help you step into your sexual prowess like none other, Leo. With your partnership sector activated by Saturn and Jupiter’s shift into Aquarius, you’ll be attracting attention from potential, past, and current suitors left and right. You’ll be seeking quality over quantity though, particularly around the Full Moon in your sign on January 28. If a relationship ends around that time, you might spend a few weeks mourning the sex you had, but a part of you will feel relieved because it’ll allow you to experience 2021 with a greater spirit of sexual exploration. Mars’s transit in Gemini from March 3 to April 23 may be the most sexually adventurous period for you — outdoors sex, sex with more than one person, and roleplaying may all be part of your main go-to’s. If you’re already boo’d up, you’ll particularly enjoy taking on new roles in bed and trying out positions you hadn’t previously considered. You’re opening up sexually this year, Leo, and during Saturn’s retrograde from May 23 to October 10, you’ll be in the mood to let your lover(s) be in charge and tell you what to do, which will feel like a surprisingly pleasant change of pace for all parties involved. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

August 23 to September 22

Virgo, sex with you during the first seven months of 2021 will have an otherworldly effect, and that’s largely due to Neptune being direct in Pisces and activating your partnership sector. You’ll be in the mood to have sex with people who are in tune with their spiritual paths — one night stands or hit-it-and-quit-it booty calls won’t work out for you, at least not long-term. You’ll experience the best sex with partners who are in it for real and who make it clear to you that they are. With Venus’ presence in Capricorn from January 8 to February 1, you may start off the year attracting or deepening that type of energy, but watch out for Mercury’s retrograde beginning on January 30 — it can lead to you getting caught up in a sexual entanglement or two. The Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 activates your communication sector, and suddenly all your suppressed sexual fantasies will be spilling out for your lover(s) to hear, and perhaps even witness. Your levels of horniness will be unsurpassed during that time, so plan accordingly, and do what you gotta do to make sure sexual exploration is as much of a priority, if not more, than your usual work duties. People often underestimate the depths of your sexual intensity, but once Virgo Season strikes on 
August 22, your current or potential lovers) will see a side of you that leaves them shook and deeply sexually activated. You’ll feel like a sexual superstar, and that’s exactly what you are. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

September 23 to October 22

With Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, starting the year direct in Aries, you’ll feel more bold and direct when it comes to sex in 2021, Libra, because you won’t be overthinking every part of it. Jupiter and Saturn’s shift into Aquarius activates your sector of fun, fate, and true love for several years, which means you’ll be in the mood to view sex as the ultimate adventure — you may be drawn to connecting sexually with fellow Air sign lovers, particularly during Aquarius Season and the Leo Full Moon January 28. When your ruler Venus enters Gemini May 8, single Libras may want to have sex with more than one person at once, and coupled Libras may be open to discussing polyamory or open relationships, as long as there’s transparency and honesty with all parties. During Jupiter’s retrograde in Aquarius, which occurs from July 28  to October 18, someone from your past may re-emerge and you may have fantastic sex — just make sure you’re both being clear about what your intentions are from the start, or else things could get messy, and not just sexually speaking. By the time the Taurus Lunar Eclipse strikes during Scorpio Season on November 19, much of your perspective around sex and intimacy will have shifted, and you could find yourself sexually merging with partners you previously would’ve never considered. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

October 23 to November 21

They say sex and Scorpio is synonymous. But do they truly know why? 2021 is the year where many Scorpios will be the embodiment of sex itself. With Mars, your ruling planet, entering Taurus at the start of the year, your partnership sector is activated, allowing you to get clear about what you want from sex, and making it easy to release what you don’t. Use the Scorpio Full Moon on April 26 to partake in energy cleansing rituals where you clearly let yourself, your partner(s) and the Universe know what sexual patterns you’re ready to release. You’ll notice that space is immediately cleared out and your sex life starts to improve dramatically as we approach the Lunar Eclipse in Sag on May 26. If you’re in a committed partnership, you may notice that this summer you’ll feel less sexually guarded and more open to exploring kinks that you and your lover(s) may have been craving for a while. Then once Scorpio Season begins, the levels of sexual vibrations that will course through you will feel intoxicating to current, past, and potential sexual partners, so you’ll have to be aware of where you direct your sexual energy — you may find yourself overwhelmed with options! No matter what, this is the year where you know you can always choose yourself. Your relationship with self-pleasure will deepen considerably, particularly by the time the Taurus Lunar Eclipse strikes November 19. The more familiar you are with your own body and what turns you on, the easier it is for you to attract and maintain connections with lovers who are equally as committed and serious about you and your sexual, and emotional needs. The best of all worlds. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

November 22 to December 21

Now that your ruler Jupiter has shifted into Aquarius, the success of your sex life is directly connected to your ability to let down your guard and let your inner freak fly, Sagittarius. You may have played it safe sexually for most of last year when Jupiter was in Capricorn, but now you’re craving to connect with people who don’t mind exploring weirder, less conventional sexual experiences. If you want your toes tickled with a feather or your butt smacked with whipped cream, all you gotta do is ask, especially around the Gemini New Moon on June 11 which activates your partnership sector for the second half of 2021. If you're single, you’ll be in the mood to explore several lovers this year and you may find it hard to pick just one. The exception may occur around November 5, when Venus spends an extended stay in Capricorn and activates your security sector. You may end the year feeling more sexually selective than usual, and if you’re in a friends-with-benefit dynamic it may either end or evolve into something more exclusive. If you’re boo’d up, exploration and innovation may be your main sexual themes this year, but know that Mercury’s retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 22 may slow down your sexual stamina for a bit — enjoy the slower pace of lovemaking with bae, and laugh through the occasional hiccups that may occur in the bedroom. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

December 22 to January 19

Gone are the days of putting off sex because you’re too busy at work, or alternatively, using sex solely as a stress reliever in between long bouts of work, Capricorn. With your ruler Saturn and Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, having transitioned into Aquarius as the year began, you’ll feel more light-hearted as a lover, and this will be evident in your sex life. Suddenly you’ll seek connections with people who just want to laugh and try out new kinks without judgment. The Leo Full Moon on January 28 is likely to be one of the most sexually awakening and liberating experiences you’ve had in years — even if it’s mostly composed of digital exchanges and dirty sexts. During Mars’ transit through Cancer from April 23 to June 11, you’ll feel more sensitive when having sex, and this can make you more selective about who you indulge in sexual adventures with. Your annual Capricorn Full Moon on June 24 may lead to you having a sexual breakthrough and experiencing a level of pleasure you had previously denied yourself — perhaps investing in new sex toys for yourself and/or your partner(s) can contribute to this deepened sensation of sexual bliss. Once your ruler Saturn shifts retrograde from May 23 to October 10, you’ll be in more of a hibernation mode, which means Netflix and chill may be more of the go-to move for you and your boo(s). ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

January 20 to February 18

While sex may not necessarily be the first thing on your mind as 2021 begins, you’ll find that there will be plenty of opportunities to indulge in it this year, Aquarius — it’s up to you to decide how much, and with whom, you’ll partake. With Jupiter and Saturn both settling in your sign for the first time in decades, you’ll be seeking a fresh start sexually, so if you’ve been with a consistent sexual partner they’ll have to either be as adventurous as you are or the connection may fizzle out. The Leo Full Moon on January 28 can lead to orgasmic make-up, or break-up sex that leaves you both shook. Then while Venus transits your sign from February 1 to March 21, you may be more in your typical sapiosexual phase. Even if you have sexy contenders with whom you could connect, if they’re not lighting you up intellectually first, the sparks won’t last for long. Mars’s transit in Leo from June 11 to July 29 could bring out a more fiery and unpredictable side to you in bed, and you may be in the mood for slightly dangerous liaisons. Integrating games like Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever into your bedroom rendezvous could lead to some unforgettable, and hilarious, sexual experiences as you enter the last half of the year. You come alive in Q4 when Saturn shifts direct in your sign on October 10, followed by Jupiter on October 18. If you had taken a break from sex during retrograde season, you’ll find yourself more turned on and sure of what and who you want during the final three months of the year, and that means you may have a non-stop rodeo, filled with the type of sexual ecstasy you’ve been craving. ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

X-Rated Horoscope 2021

February 19 to March 20

Having sex when Jupiter is spending time in your sign hits different, Pisces. And in 2021, the Planet of Luck is here, so get ready for your sexual glow-up. The year begins with both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, activating your sector of spirituality and healing. You’ll only want to have sex with people who aren’t afraid of your intensity and intuitiveness — but you may also find yourself being contradictory, and craving both intimacy and solitude. Mercury will be retrograde during most of your solar return, and a lover or sexual partner who once left you weak at the knees may resurface. You may have soul-stirring sex around then that leaves you both wondering why you ever stopped having it in the first place. Jupiter’s retrograde in your sign from June 20 to July 28 can feel trippy for you sexually speaking, especially if you’re merging with someone from your past who knows how to turn you on physically, but with whom there may be unfinished business emotionally. As much as you may want to use sex as a healing bridge, there may be moments when you also withdraw from sexual intimacy this year in order to deepen your connection with yourself and be true to your own needs. Neptune begins its five-month retrograde in your sign on June 25, and that’s when you’ll start to slow your roll sexually, and spend the last half of 2021 weeding out long-term sexual connections from the ones who may have been more of a temporary experience. You’re not settling for anything less than sex that leaves you breathless and makes you feel seen, valued and prioritized — that’s what you’ll manifest by the time the Taurus Lunar Eclipse strikes November 19.ILLUSTRATED BY ADA BUCHHOLC

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