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Vapers always have to use e liquids for their pods. And the interest in DIY e juice is not suppressible. The number of DIY e juice makers are growing day by day. And it’s not only cost-efficient but also DIY e-juice making creates uncountable numbers of e-juice flavors.

However, making your own juice seems very sciency, right? But No, it’s not that complex. Some essential tools, four necessary ingredients, and a good recipe are all you need. But now you may say, “Who is going to give me a recipe?”. So there come the E-liquid calculator apps, and some of those are pretty much accurate in terms of DIY e-liquid.

So let’s tell you about the five best e-liquid calculator apps for Android in terms of satisfaction.

1. Vape Toolbox

Vape Toolbox by Alexandr Savitskiy will help you with the features of e-liquid calculator and e-liquid mixer. You can save recipes and load them from saved recipes. And your recipes can be based on coils, voltage, resistance, etc. another big fact nicotine can be chosen like VG or PG. It also comes in handy with other pro features as coil calculator, power calculator, and transition unit of measure. Your data inserted will be saved in the app cloud and can be accessed by you.

It has 50,000+ downloads in the play store and has a rating of 4.0 stars. Though it’s free, it has a paid version with all the features mentioned above in the Google play store.

2. E-Liquid Recipes

This app has more to offer you than a vape juice recipe guide. It has a vape juice creator community where you can create your vape juices, share them with others, keep a history of flavors, follow or subscribe to other users, and comment on their recipes.

3. LiqCalc – Liquid Calculator

LiqCalc has a very user-friendly interface that makes the calculation fast and easy. It has very useful features like a liquid calculator with many tools and other features as my recipes, call reminder, etc. Its massive liquid calculator features will blow your mind like base status and flavor mixture with nicotine shots and amount of liquid from the flavor with flavor reducing and increasing. It also has some pretty good tools like performance calculator, battery calculator, and saving calculator.

It is over 100,000+ downloads in Google Play Store and rated 4.6 by 4300+ people.

4. Vape Tool

The Vape Tool is the highest rated app for e juice in Google Play Store. It gives a-z knowledge of vaping to its user. It has an excellent user-friendly design that helps new users to be comfortable with it. It allows its users to prepare their liquid. Also, it provides in-depth knowledge about actual vaping like the resistance of the coil, minimum resistance, and maximum vape current.

It is generally free for Android and can be found in Play Store, but it also has a pro version that has more features and obviously without ads.

5. Vape Boss

Vape boss is most probably the best vaping app ever. It has a full social media platform just for vapers and has detailed information on over 15,000 flavors, modes, and atomizers with local store finder. You can find, create, or save your recipes here. It offers everything that it is social media can offer but only for vapers. You can download the app from APKpure as the Google play store doesn’t have this app.

All of these are great apps and we suggest you try all of them if possible before settling down to your favourite e-liquid app.

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