Everything You Need To Host A TikTok-Ready Picnic

The strict lockdown era of the pandemic sent society barreling back into the past. Not only were we suddenly baking bread by hand, but people also stocked their closets with old-timey cottagecore fashion, bought rustic cabincore home goods, and started going on picnics. Now, we’re halfway through 2021 but these mid-17th-century French social events are still going strong. Gingham blankets, wicker baskets, Hill House nap dresses, and anything else that can emulate #picniccore TikToks are still hot on the market. And it’s more than just the hunt for double-taps that’s keeping the trend going. Forget bug-ridden food spreads, numb butts on damp grass, and yearning to go back inside. Social media-friendly garden parties elevate the typical picnic into something actually enjoyable. Below, take a look-see at all the romantic products that can help you live your own TikTok picnic fantasy.


Comfy Blankets

Picnic Time Outdoor Blanket Zip Up Tote $27.95

Red gingham blankets are the poster child of picnic culture. The red and white checkered fabric originated in Asia later became an American dinner table staple by the 19th century because it’s easy to make, clean, and care for. These days, it’s less about the practicality of the material and all about the aesthetic appeal. Nothing romanticizes a picnic like a pretty stand-out blanket, and the checkered pattern adds plenty of vintage appeals. And nothing makes eating in the park more comfortable than a barrier between you and the cold hard ground.


Wicker Baskets

Country Side Picnic Basket $68

Just like gingham blankets, wicker baskets became a picnic signifier out of practicality — lightweight and hard to break, they were the reusable canvas tote of the 1800s. While we no longer use them for running errands, they still look absolutely dashing atop a bright picnic blanket. If you’re planning to ride the picnic wave all summer long, definitely snag an old-fashioned basket or a new-wave rattan backpack.


Flower Bags, Backpacks, & Totes

Picnic Cooler Backpack $90

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