Belgium to ban sports gambling ads 2022

sports gambling

This article was last updated on May 12, 2022

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Belgium could ban all sports gambling ads by 2022

Rights holders in Belgium will still be permitted sponsorship deals but with limitations.

Legislation would limit gambling brands to promotion via owned properties.

Italy and Spain have already introduced curbs on sports betting sponsors in sport.

Belgium is seeking to limit sports betting adverts, with the country’s federal justice minister Vincent Van Quickenborne introducing a new bill to curb gambling industry marketing by the end of 2022.

The proposal would see a ban on many forms of sports gambling adverts, including on TV, radio and social media, by the end of the year. The proposals largely limit sports betting brands to promotion via their own properties.

Unlike other European countries seeking to curb sports gambling industry marketing, sports clubs and leagues will not be banned from agreeing sponsorship deals with betting brands. However, those contracts will have firm limits on physical branding on kits and in venues, with advertising slogans no longer allowed.

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