The Flip Side: Valentine’s Day

The premise is simple enough: have men and women switch roles. The men become the women, the more emotional, deferring sex while the women become the men, the dominant, forward, and sometimes aggressive sex. It's all done for comedic effect but it is certainly an eye-opener. Heck, as a man, do I really do that? And yes, you the woman watch those guys. Maybe it's sometimes stereotypical, maybe it's cliché but it's right on the money. Actually it's a good representation of both sexes. We both have our quirks for better or worse but definitely for funny.

Altermotion Media, the creators of this video, have released a number of amusing clips in The Flip Side series, all having men and women switch roles. Below I provide links to their other humorous takes on the battle of the sexes.


Published on Feb 11, 2013 by AltermotionPictures

Altermotion Media Entertainment
Altermotion Media Entertainment is (AME) an innovative production company specializing in new media, television, and film. After the success of our drama web series, "Casual", we set out to create a series of comedy sketches. "The Flip Side" gained national attention from many media outlets, such as "The Today Show", "E! News" and other entertainment platforms. This spawned a new series with Yahoo! and a feature development with Disney.

Since then, Altermotion has continued their success with "Caller ID", and a recent concept trailer for "Captain Planet". We are currently working on several projects, which include clients like; Valvoline, The Grammys, and other commercial brands.

Altermotion Media Entertainment is headed by writer/director, Jay Diaz, and producer, Daniel Marcha.

Contact: 310.574.2581

Yahoo Screen: The Flip Side

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Altermtion's videos "The Bar" and "Dating".

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