Buy a house in China get free pig 2022

free pig

This article was last updated on June 22, 2022

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When you buy a property in China, you receive a free pig as a bonus.

Since the collapse of real estate giant Evergrande, Chinese house sellers have been in such a poor position that they are resorting to extreme means to entice purchasers. Many enterprises accept grain and garlic as payment, and one even gives out pigs to everybody who buys a home.

China’s real estate market has been struggling for a while. With Evergrande’s near-bankruptcy earlier this year, a lot of construction companies have been affected, as well. There are also few purchasers on the Chinese home market since it is already oversupplied.

As a result, businesses are forced to find new ways to stay afloat. Real estate giant Central China Real Estate stated on social media lately that grain deposits of up to 160,000 yuan (22,662 euros) may be made. For a specific project in the city of Qi, the corporation previously said that it would take look as a down payment.

“When the next garlic harvest arrives in Qi, we’ve decided to provide a hand to the local growers. To support farmers and make it simpler for them to buy a house, we’re all for it “WeChat, a Chinese social network, is where the corporation posted their message. The fact that grain and garlic are key exports from Henan is no accident.

Meanwhile, the advertising have been withdrawn by the corporation.

In another project in Lianyungang city, Poly Real Estate claims it would give away a 100-kilogram pig to everybody who purchases a home. Peppa Pig is the British cartoon pig that the corporation refers to in its commercial.

The Chinese unit of weight, the kati, measures 500 grams of content. At the current exchange rate, 100 kg of pig are worth around 193 euros in China.

There were 59 percent fewer residences sold in May in China than there were in May of last year, a decrease of 31.5 percent.

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