Robbers of Reality Star Mark Gillis Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Mark Gillis

This article was last updated on September 12, 2023

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Reality Star Robbed in Brutal Attack

The Den Bosch court has handed down a five-year prison sentence to two men convicted of robbing reality star Mark Gillis. A third suspect was acquitted due to insufficient evidence, as reported by RTL Boulevard.

Five-Year Sentence Instead of Prosecution’s Demand

The Public Prosecution Service had originally demanded a six-year prison sentence for all three men. However, the judge decided on a five-year sentence for the convicted robbers.

Reality Star’s Chalet Robbery

In November 2021, Mark Gillis, known for his appearances on the SBS reality series “Massa is Kassa,” was subjected to a brutal robbery. The incident occurred when he arrived at his chalet in the Prinsenmeer holiday park located in Ommel, Brabant.

Gillis was attacked with a liquid spray and tasered, leaving him defenseless. The robbers then proceeded to steal his watch, two bracelets, a phone, and sunglasses.

No Prosecution for Fourth Suspect

In November of last year, a fourth individual was also arrested on suspicion of involvement in the robbery. However, the justice system ultimately decided not to pursue charges against this suspect.

Presence in Court

Mark Gillis appeared in court on Tuesday, while the three convicted suspects were absent. The legal troubles, however, continue to surround Mark’s father, Peter, who has faced allegations of domestic abuse and tax fraud.

Despite the absence of the convicted robbers, the court proceedings moved forward, and justice was served with the sentencing. The victims and their families can now hopefully find some closure and move forward.

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