What Women Expect from Men & What they get!

Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a fun read & thus should be taken in the same spirit!!! Men are not allowed to take out their hankies though woman are allowed to give hoot calls 😉
wife was sharing her woes with a friend
W: You know I feel something is wrong with my hubby.
F: As in? 
W: See, he has 2 mobiles and a land line but when I call him all his numbers are busy at the same time.
F: hehehe…Poor fellow, you are suspecting him? 
W: Yes! Yesterday I had told him, that the way he has been behaving I am having my suspicions.
F: lol!! What did he say to that? 
W: Nothing!!! Huh!!!
Later in the evening wife is waiting for her hubby to arrive. She has been worried & furious because for last one hour he had not picked her call and hadn’t even informed her that he would be late. Some time later when he comes….
Wife: Where were you?
Hubby: With friends! 
Wife: Enough of all this haan? You go away for some time and that too without telling and even your phone is always busy! I know something is wrong and you know what I mean!
Husband (he stands tall at 5’9” while the wife is 4’ 11”) in the meanwhile is looking towards the floor & meekly taking off his jacket.
Wife: What about dinner?
Hubby: Errr! I already had it with frenz. 
Wife: What? And I made dinner for the three of us. Enough of this crap. I know what should be done with you.
Hubby: *with a peevish look on his face* What?
Wife: You will wash all the utensils!
Some 10 minutes later the poor fellow was seen washing utensils & the wife was busy instructing him how to clean them properly!!!
Her revenge was complete!!!
His repentance was complete!!!
Wife prayed for him to do these kinds of mistakes daily it would at least save her the trouble of painful household chores.
Wondering is this fictional or real account? Buggers like Vimmuuu would give out a whopping scream if I say this is real so let me not disappoint them. Yes! This is real very much real!
I know this post gives fodder to the saying “even men are victims of domestic violence” but let’s cut the crap out! This is plain sweet revenge!! In fact the girl was given a suggestion by us.
Lest we decide to follow the example we should decide the degree of punishment
1 mistake – Wash the utensils
2 mistakes –Wash the utensils + mopping
3 mistakes – Go wash the utensils at my friend’s place (I was rooting for this as my maid is off for 3 days ;-))
All said and done the guy in question is very sweet and helpful. I can not even imagine the situation at my place, not that hubby doesn’t help in household chores; in fact lately he has been an epitome of “always there to help you” but listen to this…
Me: Can you please heat one papad and give it to me? (I was having dinner)
He: Where is it?
Me: On the slab!
He looks left, right, center, under the slab and still can’t find it.
He: where is it? I can’t find it.
Me: See it is right in front of you.
He finally sees it and before opening the box…
He: Which one do you want?
If he had asked this question before opening the box he would have realised there was only type of papad.
Me: There is only type baba!
He: You want one full papad? (His tone suggested as if by eating 1 FULL papad I would be overeating) or should I give you half?
Me: *with patience* one!
He: Kahan sekoon? (Where should I heat it?). Gas or microwave?
Me: Anywhere would do!
He: How much time in Microwave?
Me: So many questions you have! It would be better if I come there and do it myself!!!
So the crux of the matter is
  • It is better to do things yourself
  • Husbands increase your patience level and mentally prepare you for the upcoming baby!

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