DermaDoctor Scrub Cleared Up My Skin

I get excited about a ton of beauty products — but body scrub is not one of them. My roommate keeps Caudalie’s and Fresh’s stockpiled in our bathroom, but I only reach for them before I self-tan (which isn’t often). I know better, but still, scrubbing just feels time-consuming and ineffective. Do my legs really feel softer after I exfoliate them? Not really, TBH. But I have keratosis pilaris — the sexy nickname is “chicken skin” — which manifests as constant goosebumps on the backs of my arms. Needless to say, I’m not into ’em.

One Saturday afternoon, I had nothing to do and decided to treat myself from head to toe. I dug into the back of my beauty cabinet and found DermaDoctor KP Duty. And thank god I did, because it’s no average scrub. (Have you gotten the tingles after using yours? I did.) It uses both chemical (glycolic and lactic acid) and physical exfoliants to slough off dead skin and positions itself as a way to rid skin of KP — which it does.

After rinsing, I touched my arms, chest, legs, butt…everything was soft to the touch, with no redness or irritation. And this brand-new texture didn’t last one day — it lasted all week. With regular use, my bumps are gone. I may just be a scrub convert, after all.

DermaDoctor KP Duty, $46, available at DermaDoctor.

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