Martha Stewart’s Taste In Men Will Shock You

Martha Stewart popped up on The Wendy Williams Show this week. While on the show, Stewart shared one tidbit about her personal life that caught our ear: She told Williams that she prefers to date younger men.

When asked if she goes out on dates, the 75-year-old Stewart said, “A little bit here and there.” Then, she added that she prefers to date men who are “10 years younger.”

Get it, Martha!

Next, Stewart shared a story about a time she went on a family trip to Eygpt with a man who turned out to be younger than her daughter. Stewart said she had no idea, “Because he looked older, he had a little gray in his hair. But he was 34 years old or something.” She added that he was “very fun.”

If you found that story surprising, maybe it’s time to up your Martha Stewart game. She’s is all about hitting on younger men and we’re here for it. On her VH1 show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, Stewart has flirted with everyone from Jason Derulo to Rick Ross.

Yes, it was a little awkward to watch Stewart get a massage from Ross, but it was also incredible television.

In any case, Stewart is 75 and still picking up men left and right. May we all aspire to be her.

You can watch Williams and Stewart’s exchange, below.

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  1. It is well knowen among her friends that Martha loves to younger men. She is not interested in marriage, only in enjoying what much younger men can provide her. The younger the better.

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