NYC’s Biggest Beauty Trends 2017

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017

We’ll take a hard pass on reliving most of 2016, thanks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to wipe the beauty slate clean, as well. In fact, there are a handful of trends that picked up steam over the past year that we really do hope will stick around. Modern-day metallic eye makeup, sexy natural waves, and all-over highlighter have earned the right to join us in the new year and we’ll welcome them with open arms.

But reminiscing hour is over. It’s officially time to start looking to the days, weeks, and months ahead for the next big things in beauty for 2017 — specifically in NYC, the birthplace of all things new, innovative, and absolutely fearless. (It’s also the birthplace of pizza rat and pole-dancing rat, just to keep things balanced.) This is the city where the trend magic happens before it makes its way to the rest of the world.

That’s why, when we’re in need of some insight and inspiration, it’s the first place we look. We constantly turn to the makeup artists, hairstylists, colorists, and nail artists who set the tone of what’s cool in the city that never sleeps. Check out all the insider DL on the looks that are about to blow up in 2017, ahead.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist

The Trend: Deep side parts

“There will be two extremes: one being more of a loose, natural tousle to the hair, with good texture; the second being more of a slick look that’s flat and smooth on top, transitioning to more of a wave towards the ends. Cute low buns in more variations are making a comeback, too. I do think we’ll see big waves that open up away from the face and start to fade. The Housewives hair is starting to die off and transition into a softer, more wearable look.”

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Gina Quercia, celebrity hairstylist and Oscar Blandi Hair Care brand ambassador

The Trend: Bangs, bangs, bangs

“Bangs are coming back in a major way, which is exciting, because it’s such a versatile trend. No matter your face shape, you can customize your cut to flatter your features. Long layers have been favored in the past, but now I’m seeing fringe that’s no longer than the cheekbone — it’s a true bang. Women are also embracing natural texture, going for choppy layers that will replace that more perfected, solid, one-length finish.”

Photo: Peter White/Getty Images.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Katie Jane Hughes, editorial and celebrity makeup artist

The Trend: Glossy lids

“The glossy eye look is super-fresh and cool, looks flattering on everyone, and it’s comfortable to wear. It will dishevel anything that’s under it, so keep that in mind when doing your makeup. If you usually keep your makeup polished and pristine, start by trying the trend over bare lids, then experiment as you get more comfortable.”


nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Miss Pop, editorial and celebrity nail artist

The Trend: Bold and graphic

“Nail art in 2017 is all about mixing black with vibrant primaries like yellow, blue, and red, plus brights like hot pink — think the Culture Club ‘80s or Pac-Man. The designs are staying bold and graphic, and I don’t see them getting any more understated in the new year. I think chrome will continue to be a go-to mani and I think glow-in-the-dark nails will really hit a high note during the spring/summer festival season.”

Photo: Antonello Trio/Getty Images.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Edward Cruz, celebrity makeup artist

The Trend: Color — and lots of it

“We’ll see washes of color on eyes and strong lips, too. Spring 2017 will bring tons of rich color that you would usually expect to see in fall palettes, only with a diffused and effortless-looking finish. Also, instead of the bold and heavy red carpet brows we’ve been seeing, arches will have a clean and sharp shape, just not as heavy-handed.”

Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity hairstylist

The Trend: Straight and sleek (like Cher)

“Straight is the natural progression from all the waves that have dominated the runways and red carpet for so many seasons. Clean, flat-ironed hair with a strong center part — which is also so fresh and new — that flows as you walk and move. Think modern-day Cher circa ‘70s. Carrying over from the last few seasons is also the half-wet, half-dry look, whether gelled down or brushed down flat with a strong spray to keep it close to the head. That’s particularly nice for spring or for that fearless fashion girl stepping out at night who wants to turn heads.”

Photo Via: @bellahadid/Instagram.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Nail stylist Gracie J of The Editorial Nail

The Trend: Sheer, jelly nails

“Keep on the lookout for more jelly-based designs. These sheer gels are a personal favorite of mine and I’ve loved experimenting. They’ve been a huge hit in Japan and Korea for quite a while, so, hopefully, we take full advantage of inspirations from other artists and catch up. I’m also excited to see more creative spins on designs related to glitters and pigments.”

Photo Via: @salonwisla/Instagram.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Sharon Dorram, master colorist of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger

The Trend: Bright and blonde

“We’ll continue to see platinum and very-bright blonde for spring into summer. Blonde-on-blonde and blonde-on-honey blonde are going to be huge. For redheads, we’ll see soft, monotone shades; and brunettes will be softer, as well, with caramel or honey balayage highlights. I’m excited to see more strawberry blonde and caramel blonde — very multidimensional and natural, like a child’s hair.”


nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Nonie Creme, celebrity manicurist

The Trend: Short, classic nails

“I think we’ll see a return to elegant length — soft ovals that are slightly past the fingertip, in an array of ladylike shades. Think cotton candy pink, cream, and classic red. Pointy, stiletto-like nails will be behind us.”

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.

nyc’s biggest beauty trends 2017


The Pro: Colleen Flaherty, color specialist at Spoke & Weal

The Trend: Low-maintenance color with subtle sparkle

“I’m predicting dimensional highlights only a few shades lighter than the natural hair color to give some reflection — who doesn’t like a little sparkle? I think color with easy maintenance — that is, enhancing your color by going a few shades darker or lighter — will also be a trend.”


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