Tools to make Curly & Natural Hair

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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tools to make curly & natural hair

When it comes to curly and textured hair, there are two types of people. First, you have the ones that go with the flow, allowing their strands to be free, to do their own thing, to be their own person lock of hair.

Then, you have the rest of us. We’re product obsessed — and count on every inch of prime real estate in our bathrooms to be completely covered in hair masks, oils, and every brand of curl cream you can imagine. The motto of the product obsessed is simple: There is no such thing as enough. But it doesn’t stop there — far from it.

New hair tools, from diffuser tips to advanced steamers, are constantly popping up, threatening to rip the cash right from our pockets and take up more (already) non-existent storage space from our bathrooms. Though my sanity occasionally mourns the simpler days of yore, I can’t deny that the latest advances catering to curly and kinky textures are giving me a retail therapy high.

Ahead, a look at some of the gadgets and gizmos that have caught my eye recently — and are begging for those last few inches of space under my sink.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Not-Your-Average Comb

Detangling just got a whole hell of a lot easier with Ouidad’s Double Detangler brush. This specialized comb has two sets of wide teeth to glide through conditioned hair like you didn’t wait one day too long to wash it. Being a curly girl myself, I can personally attest to the magical qualities of this comb. Call it a wizarding wand, if you like.

Ouidad Double Detangler $26, available at Sephora.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Handheld Steamer

A little indirect heat can completely upgrade the abilities of your favorite deep conditioner. How? Those with curly hair may have a hard time infusing moisture into their strands thanks to low porosity — but heat helps a ton. (This full breakdown on hair porosity is helpful.)

Curl Pop N Hair ‘s Isabella Vasquez also highly recommends this tool for protein treatments. “Steaming the hair and opening the cuticle will help ensure that protein treatments are shot straight into the curl strand, allowing that protein to penetrate and live inside the strand,” she explains. “The fact that it’s hand held allows you to cover the entire head without much work.”

Q-Redew Handheld Steamer $70, available at Q-Redew.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Table Steamer

Same warming effect, less arm strength required. This tabletop hair steamer attaches to any flat surface and has a special function to increase vapors for a quick session. Our suggestion: Click it on for a Sunday night mask upgrade before turning on HBO.

2-1 Spa Salon Ozone Steamer $57, available at Amazon.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Next-Gex Elastics

Everyone loves a bun on rushed mornings, but hair ties can cause breakage and split ends — especially on dry or damaged hair. These innovative hair rings place uneven pressure around your ponytail to keep everything in place, without creating too much tension. Plus, less dents!

Invisibobble Original the Traceless Hair Ring, $8, available at Sephora.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Scalp Massager

This DIY, massaging device stimulates your scalp to help promote growth. Plus, the rubber tips on this particular massager vibrate to help lift debris and dead skin from the scalp for a better cleanse, while simultaneously invigorating your hair follicles.

Vanity Planet Scalp Invigorator $45, available at Vanity Planet.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Straightening Brush

Straightening brushes can be a polarizing topic, but for many curly girls (including myself) they can be a very effective tool when you want to smooth out your curls quickly.

Amika flat irons are renowned for their ability to produce pin straight hair — and you can expect the same advanced technology in this brush. Of course, it’s not an iron, so those with extremely tight curls may not reach stick-straight results.

Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush, $120, available at Amika.

tools to make curly & natural hair


The Diffuser

Those with curly and textured hair know how clutch a diffuser can be — especially in the winter when air-drying is far from ideal. This offering makes travel even easier, because it — you guessed it — collapses!

The silicone material is heat-resistant, allowing you to store it immediately after use, which could be one of the reasons why The Curly Co. diffuser is Vasquez’s number one tool in her salon.

The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser $15, The Curly Co.

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