These Bold Lipsticks Will Turn You Into A #Girlboss

If lipstick shades had personalities, they might look a little something like this: Nude knows what she likes and doesn’t stray far from it. People say she’s ‘effortless,’ but if they only knew the work… Then there’s the Classic Red. When you ask her whether she’s a Carrie or a Samantha, she rolls her eyes because, hello, she’s obviously a Marilyn — sexy with just the right amount of mystery. Baby Pink once successfully snuck out her window in the middle of the night, but confessed the next morning out of guilt.

And finally, there is the Big Bad Bold: That friend who says she isn’t drinking tonight because she’s got a big day ahead of her, but ends up leaving the bar at 3 a.m. after buying a few rounds of tequila shots in and nailing her Stevie Nicks karaoke performance. She’s kind of irritating, kind of a superhero. Because sure enough, she pulls her shit together the next morning and kills it at work. That is a #girlboss. She plays hard, but works even harder. Because there’s nothing more boring than following the rules — and never is that more true than when we’re talking about beauty.

Rodin, the brand behind one of our favorite cleansing powders and facial oils, created a wardrobe of lipsticks that fall squarely into the bold category. Founder Linda Rodin told Into the Gloss that these shades are “essential,” and that out-of-the-box mindset is exactly why we love her. Maybe it’s time to change the way we think about our makeup and get a whole lot louder. Who knows what’ll happen when we do?

Click through to see all seven badass shades (we even swatched ’em for you).

Here are all five lipsticks on three different skin tones.

From left to right: Billie on the Bike, Tough Tomato, and Red Hedy.

Rodin Lipstick in So Mad, $38, available at Rodin.

Rodin Lipstick in Tough Tomato, $38, available at Rodin.

Rodin Lipstick in Billie on the Bike, $38, available at Rodin.

Rodin Lipstick in Red Hedy, $38, available at Rodin.

Rodin Lipstick in Winks, $38, available at Rodin.

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