Do’s and don’t’s for Divas

Want to turn heads when you enter a room? All one needs to rock the red carpet is a simple jeans-and-top look. In other words, it’s all about the projected confidence, the perfect walk and daring attitude that help you stand out. Here’s how you go about it.

Large, dark glasses are sure shot steps to give an aura of enigma and power. As Jack Nicholson said, “In my sunglasses, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without it, I’m fat and 72.”

Divas don’t miss a step. Walk in small measured steps. Heels make you feel elegant and powerful, but pick a height you’re comfortable in.

Never wear a fake watch; wear the best one you can afford. Sport one piece of decadence, a solitaire or tennis bracelet. You’re sure to look cool and elegant.

Dress for yourself. Don’t wear brands only to show off, you’ll never make an impact. Wear colours that inspire confidence. Black, white and red are powerful colours but your favourite hue works best, simply because you are comfortable in it.

Your hair needs to be clean, fresh and in place. Whether you’re tying it up, or leaving it down, even the casual flip needs to be closely orchestrated. Blow drying is preferred if you don’t want to use straightening or curling tongs.

Throw back your shoulders, straighten your spine and distribute weight evenly on your heels and toes. Hang your bag on the crook of your elbow or hold it in your hands. Don’t slug it on your shoulder like you’re about to run for the train.

Walk in a steady straight line and wear what inspires the most confidence in you. Jeans are not considered a formal garment, but if they make you feel good about yourself, cheat a little.

Make-up tips from Soundarya Rajinikanth

-Never apply makeup without moisturising your skin.
– If you are not sure of how to wear make up, then ask an expert or search the Internet.
– Never overdo it.
– I just wear my kajal and lip balm, and I am done.
– If you have chapped lips, don’t wear lipstick, lip gloss will do.

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