Lingerie shopping made easy & ‘sexy’

A sexy set of lingerie might appear to be the most intimate gift for your girl, but buying it or rather buying the right kind of lingerie can be quite a daunting task.

Particularly, if you wish to increase your intimacy with her, a wrong choice can do more harm than good. After all, nothing can be as embarrassing for a girl than getting a sexy corset in a size that’s way too small, or big, for her.

So, if you want to avoid the untimely death of your relationship, better brush up your style sense before going lingerie shopping for your girl. We bring you a few quick tips:

Size and style rule the roost: The first step to avoid making a blooper is to know her actual size and her taste. While buying a smaller size may cause her embarrassment, buying a larger size can give her an indication that you think she is bigger than what she actually is. So, it is always better to do a little homework beforehand. Check out her lingerie drawers and examine the labels where her size too will be mentioned.

Similarly, having an idea about her style sense will be a big help. Buying a bold black corset may be a wrong choice for a girl who loves flowery lacey stuff. A bad choice can only make her cringe, so observe what she loves to flaunt when you get into some steamy action. If you manage to get even a little close to what she loves, know that you have hit the jackpot. After all, finding her something she loves to flaunt is the greatest achievement for a man. So, let the time be your guide!

Shop for her body type

If she is tall and slim: Garter belts cut the body horizontally and make your leggy lass appear all the more sexy. These belts accentuate the legs and highlight the curves in her body. These belts form the basics of sexy lingerie and stand a rare chance of going wrong. Just make sure you buy complementing stockings, underwear and a bra to complete the set.

If she is voluptuous and well-endowed: Nothing works better to turn a big bust line into a sexy cleavage than a corset. Not just that, it also takes attention away from her fuller tummy by giving it a flattening effect together with highlighting the waistline.

If she is bigger and fulsome: If you think a tight fitting corset or bra will squeeze your fulsome babe into a lesser size, you are heading into trouble. Rather than making her realise she is big, give her something that not only makes her feel comfy, but covers her rounds in the best possible way. A sexy negligee will do the best to hide all the sins. Something like a baby doll that‘s fitted at the bust and flairs down, her bum will not only accentuate her cleavage but will also camouflage her big bottom. Go for dark colours as they have a slimming effect; nets and see-through fabrics are absolute no-no’s.

If she is fit and athletic: Wanna make your tomboyish girl look sexy for a change? Boy shorts in a sexier style are what you must buy. Not only will they make her athel etic bod look curvier, they will also accentuate her well toned butt. Anything from a bra to a corset complements a boy short well. So go ahead and let your sporty babe pose sexy tonight.

If she is shy: Not everyone is blessed with a girl who is confident enough of her body and doesn’t mind sporting even the most daring of lingerie styles. If your girl is not very comfortable flaunting that tiny-miny underwear that you bought for her, just ease her by adding a satin robe. The robe will take away her hesitation and the satiny effect against her body will make her feel sexy and sensual. And you never know what else it does to her mind and you might just get lucky!

Points to ponder

– Make sure what you buy doesn’t accentuate or clings to a body part that she prefers to hide. For example a big tummy or thighs…you know your girl so better pick up something that flows down those areas making her look curvy.

– Your aim should be to gift something that enhances her best assets.

– Darker colours have a slimming look.

– When it comes to fabric, cotton is a big no, as women prefer it for everyday use and as a gift option, looks boring.

– Lace, silk and satin are the safest bets. They look sensuous and feel beautiful on the skin too.

– Go for lycra only if either your girl has a ten-on-ten figure or doesn’t mind showing off those buldges. The fabric has a tendency to cling to the body.

– Same goes for nets and see-through fabrics. Buy only if she is comfy carrying them.

Make the sales woman your friend for a day, tell her your choice and let her help you find the best piece for your princess.

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