16 Easy Updo Ideas That Won’t Remind You Of Your Prom

Tight, crunchy, and cheesy aren't adjectives we'd ever want to use to describe our hair, but it's exactly what we'd call the updos we wore back in the day. Typically when weddings, graduations, and prom came around, an updo the size of a cornucopia was involved — and so were one million bobby pins and copious amounts of extra-hold hairspray.

In hindsight, stiff French rolls and Bumpit buns are hair trends we'd rather not repeat. But like French tips and bedazzled barrettes, updos have been given new life in 2019. Now, there are so many cute ways to wear your hair up for special occasions — or just because — that won't remind you of your high-school prom photos. We rounded up some inspiration, ahead, and most of them won't take a trip to the salon or a can of spritz to recreate.

A chic updo on natural hair is as simple as pulling your hair into two ponytails and getting creative. You can tie your hair into chunky twists, pinning them into a figure-eight bun. Or, if your hair isn't long enough to mimic this look, you can twist in braiding hair from the beauty supply store.

Double buns don't have to be side by side. You can stack your buns one on top of the other to create a look that can be worn to formal functions or the office.

Sculpted knots not your thing? That's cool. You can toss your natural curls into a side-sweeping pineapple that's both cute and easy to do.

This is like your mama's favorite French roll, but way cooler, thanks to wispy pieces of hair left out along the edges and a multicolored hair clip.

For the 2018 Emmy Awards, Felicia Leatherwood styled Ryan Michelle Bathe's hair in a twisted updo that we are still obsessed with. Create a similar look by adding twisted braiding hair to your strands for extra length and volume.

Celebrity hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew  made a regular topknot way cooler by adding a solo braid at the front. She also weaved gold braiding cord through the front and back of Madeleine Mantock's gorgeous style.

Instead of creating a classic, side-swept bang, Larry Sims left pieces of hair out of this high topknot to give it an edge.

So what if your hair stops at the back of your neck? You can still rock a cute updo by tying two braids (with your own hair or using extensions) around your head and finishing it off with sparkly accessories.

Jenny Cho's take on double buns is another look we can get behind. The stylist created a bow-shaped knot on Katherine Langford by strategically tying her ponytail with velvet ribbon.

If your curls are tossed up in a faux hawk, pin some pearls along the sides for some added elegance.

Leave it to Laura Harrier to make a braided bun look this good. You can pull off a similar look by pulling your hair into a tiny bun and pinning a braided extension towards the front of your head.

A good updo doesn't always have to come in the form of a bun. You can easily pin two butterfly braids at the nape of your neck and add a statement clip for flair.

Creating a slicked-back bun like Scarlett Johansson's is as simple as pulling your hair into a ponytail, twisting it up, and letting the ends peek out.

You don't need actual bangs to replicate this effortless updo. Just tie your hair up into a messy bun, leave pieces out toward the front, and use a chic scarf to tie it all together.

Thinking of ways to spruce up second-day curls? Roll them into a 90's-inspired beehive like Justine Marjan did for Francis Lola. Bonus points if you add some bedazzled clips to make your style even more on-trend.

Super-long locs are the perfect canvas for a creative updo, like this one by Xoannette, co-owner of Nappstar Salon in NYC. Even if you don't have naturally-lengthy hair, you can mimic a similar circular style using faux-loc extensions.

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