How 3 Chic Ladies Style The Modern Suit

These days, it’s more likely that you rely on a beautiful pair of patterned trousers or a poppy-red blazer as your workplace staple, rather than the tweed skirt suit of your mother’s era — and hallelujah for it! Just like our workplaces, our work clothes are much more creative, versatile, personality-driven, and powerful than what’s considered traditional, these days. But still…how do the season’s inspiring suit trends translate to real life

Well, we tapped three stylish, successful NYC women who work in creative fields to find out how they wear the modern suit. From a mix-and-match peplum option to a hot lil’ number Bianca Jagger would approve of, these women show us that they and their style couldn’t possibly fit into a cubicle-shaped box.

Diane wears a vintage Biba suit

Diane Birch, musician

What’s so appealing about a suit, for you?
“For me, the suit embodies the ultimate woman. Powerful, strong, confident, badass, in touch with her masculinity, and able to be ultra sexy without showing loads of skin.”

The bag is a vintage Koret bag. Her cuff is by Ciner.

What makes your suit special?
“My suit is ultra-special because it came together in such a cosmic way. The trousers are from a suit purchased at Biba in the ’60s, previously owned by my friend’s father, who decided to give them to me as a present (since he no longer has a 26″ waist.)  Randomly, two years later, I found the matching Biba jacket in a vintage store. Some things are always meant to be together.”

Diane wears a Jaeger blouse, a hat by James Locke & Co., and a charm necklace by Sunday Best.

Who’s your suit-styling muse?
“Bianca Jagger.”

Chloé boots.

Have you ever had a buttoned-up office job?

Chrissy's suit combines a Tibi jacket and Zara pants.

Chrissy Rutherford, web editor at Harper’s Bazaar 

What’s so appealing about a suit, for you?
“Throwing on a suit is an easy way to look polished and put together.”

Check out that 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour bag. Chrissy wears Balenciaga and Surface to Air bracelets.

What makes your suit special?
“The red pants! They’re the perfect stand-out piece. I’ve kept a pair of red pants in my repertoire since high school.”

Chrissy's shirt is from The Gap.

Who’s your suit-styling muse? 
“Believe it or not, my dad. He’s never worn red pants before, but he’s a very sharp dresser and loyal to the slim-cut suit.”

Chloé heels

Have you ever had a buttoned-up office job?
“Thankfully no. I like to wear a suit-inspired look every now and then, but I think I’d go crazy having to wear one Monday through Friday.”

Linda's suit is made up of a Marni top and Lanvin pants.

Linda Rodin, stylist and founder of Olio Lusso 

What’s so appealing about a suit, for you?
“It’s easy to put together.”

Linda's gloves are from Alexander Wang.

What makes your suit special?
“No buttons or lapels or pockets.”

Joe Fresh faux fur boots.

Who’s your suit-styling muse?
“Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn.”


Have you ever had a buttoned-up office job?
“I’ve never ever had a real office job, except for working at Harper’s Bazaar, which of course wasn’t at all a ‘real office job’ at all.”

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