Get Ready For A Night Out, The R29 Way

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

You stopped using the word “pre-party” years ago, and getting ready for an evening out no longer involves tequila shots or wriggling into a “going out” dress…but that doesn’t mean you’re too old to turn party prepping into an event unto itself

Those of us who’ve graduated to top shelf liquor and shoes too nice to spill on, are operating on a whole different schedule — one that involves good friends, nice booze, and a little foresight now that you know how to go hard without going crazy. Ahead, we’ve delineated eight party-prep tips that’ll take you from PJs to primped just like that.


Turn Your Shower Into A Fashion Shower
If you’ve got to freshen up in the shower, turn it into a full-on pre-party experience. One of our favorite things to do is to fill a plastic goblet up with very cold white wine and bring it into the shower. Bonus? Turn on the shower radio and turn it into a dance party (just be careful to save the actual dance moves for later in the night — no slipping!).


Put On Your Outfit First
Too often, we make the mistake of putting our adorable outfit on right before we head out the door, only to realize, en route, that our shoes don’t fit, our necklace is giving us a rash, or our dress rides up with every step. Putting on your outfit at the beginning of the evening ensures that you know if you need to change before you leave. And hey — if your clothes are too uncomfortable to wear for an hour or two in the comfort of your own home, then how much are you really going to enjoy having it on all night long? If you’re applying makeup, just throw on an old button-up shirt over everything so you keep stains at bay.


Pack Your Purse Right
It’s easy to forget something when you’re scrambling to get out the door. Avoid the last-minute hustle by getting your clutch packed early. Credit cards, cash, subway card, keys, phone, lipgloss? Got it all? Good — now you’re ready!


Turn Primping Into Its Own Party
Invite a few friends over, uncork some wine, and get dressed together. Not only will you be able to get psyched for your shindig by turning your get-ready routine into a social event, you can also reap the benefits of having your girls weigh in on your look with their sage fashion and beauty advice. And, if you just happen to have a BFF who’s really good at hair and makeup, you can enlist her skills to help you create a great party look.


Mood Music
Every good pre-party deserves a soundtrack, and if you don’t already have a reliable playlist, we’ve gone ahead and started one for you. Save the best songs for last, so when it comes time to leave, you’ll be amped to be on your way.


Sparkle, Baby, Sparkle!
Blame it on our magpie nature, but something about wearing glitter makeup makes us feel ready to party down. The trick is not to overdo it with the chunky glitter, otherwise you’ll look like a deranged Vegas showgirl. Instead, choose eye and lip colors that feature either a metallic, foiled appearance or that incorporate very finely milled shimmer particles. If you really love your glitter but feel a little apprehensive, try using an sparkling eye pencil — a much more subtle way to get your glam on.


Try Something New
You know that feeling you get when you bust out a new lipstick or eyeliner that looks amazing on you? Use it to give yourself an extra self-confidence boost. Enhance that “damn, I look good” feeling, pre-soirée, by breaking in a new beauty buy — the new look will make you feel confident and psyched to show it off, pumping you up for the party. Just make sure it’s a look you know looks good on you — if your beauty adventure makes you feel self-conscious, you won’t be able to truly enjoy yourself.


Clean As You Go
If you do the evening right, you’re probably going to wake up with one nasty hangover. And there’s nothing worse than spending the following day surrounded by dirty glasses, strewn clothes, and uncapped toiletries — on top of a headache. Clean up as you get ready and wake up feeling just a little bit better the next day.

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