Holidays 2012: Estée Lauder Zodiac Compacts

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Holidays 2012: Estée Lauder Zodiac Compacts

While the more thorough holiday gift guide is coming very soon, I couldn’t wait to share this pretty little gem with you…actually 12 pretty gems! How adorable are these Estée Lauderzodiac compacts? Not sure about you, but I am pretty into my zodiac sign (Gemini), and I couldn’t resist the lovely packaging of these translucent powder compacts when I first spotted them at The Bay Holidays 2012 preview back in July.

To make this an even better present, why not engrave the name of the person this compact is going to? They will surely treasure (and keep on refilling) this compact for years to come!

Photo Credits: Estée Lauder

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