5 Ways To Tie The Same Scarf

Before you all start commenting with “YOU PUT IT AROUND YOUR NECK,” let us explain ourselves. A scarf is one of the easiest things to put on, but if you’re still wearing it like how your mother put it on your neck in elementary school, you’re missing its potential. This versatile accessory can be shaped and molded in a variety of ways to flatter different outfits, hairstyles, and — yes — different temperatures.

A novel knot, twist, or new drape can make an old scarf feel new again (or a not-so-interesting one feel super-special), so come take a look as we (and our gorgeous intern Kimberly Wang) show you five different ways to tie the same scarf. And yes, they all begin with “putting it around your neck.”


The Long Ascot — If you know how to tie a knot, you’ll know how to tie an ascot. Start by draping the scarf around your neck, with even lengths of fabric on either side.


Crisscross the ends.


And bring the other end around the back and up through the top. The trick is to keep the knot laid flat across your neck.


Pull it all the way through and adjust.


Wear it over your jacket or zipped up underneath for that real ascot look!


The Neck Brace — A blogger favorite, this super-meaty, full-scarf look is extra cozy. Position the scarf asymmetrically around your neck.


Loosely wrap the longer end around your neck, stopping to style and “plump” it as you go.


Once you’ve run out of scarf, tuck the ends into the mass.


You may need to do a little more fluffing once it’s done, but a haphazardly wrapped look is super-chic, too!


The Infinity Scarf — Recreate the look of those premade looped scarves — it’s easy! Take two opposite corners…


…and tie them together.


Move the knot over to the side of your body, so you don’t end up with a too-symmetrical drape.


Twist the scarf once and loop it around your head.




…and voilà! We love the look worn with a boxy vest.


The Challah Braid — When you need something structured (but not stiff) to stay put around your neck, we like the challah braid. Start by folding the scarf in half and draping it around your neck. Reach through the loop to grab the two ends of the scarf.


Start pulling the scarf through to create another mini-loop.


Pull the two ends of the scarf through the other mini-loop you’ve created.


Ta-da! It’s a warm, braided scarf look that won’t move around. If you’ve got an extra-long scarf, you can keep braiding it for a whole loaf!


The Coil — This basically utilizes the same techniques as the neck brace but creates a tighter wrap. We find it’s easier to start twisting the scarf off your neck.


Start wrapping…


…and wrapping…


…and wrapping. Tuck the ends into the coil.


And look! It’s a cute style to do when you’re wearing boxier, looser clothing to offer a bit of structure to your outfit.

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