Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow Giving You the Expert Eye Makeover within Seconds

Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow is perfect for you if you are into makeup and novel techniques and items. If you have coveted that hot look on your favorite celebrities in the magazines, you have a quick solution to copy that. Eye Mjic eye shadow swipes make you apply the eye-shadows with expert precision.

These eye-shaped pads cover your eyes completely, highlighting their highs and lows and giving you the perfect eye shadow within minutes. You can choose from the tons of color variety and combinations available. Perfect for you if you are a fan of those smoky hot eyes! Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow is in trend these days.

Available from online stores for $17.95, Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow pads are pretty easy to apply. All you have to do is place the swipe on your eyelids and swipe it across to your temple. The color will spread as you do it. It is pretty seamless and easy to apply, does not even take a couple of seconds to give you the perfect model-like intricate eye look.

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