Police Crackdown On Unregistered Vehicles

The individuals whose motorbikes and rakshas are detained blamed the traffic police management for imposing heavy fines.

“The traffic police are not fair in term of giving fines for different traffic offenses, how can they give the same fine to someone whose motorbike does not have an indicator than to someone whose motorbike does not have a number plate?  That is totally a clear robbery,” said Isaac Mawien, one of the victims whose motorbike was arrested because of having no indicator.

In response to allegations on Saturday, the director for Administration and Finance, Mr. Diing Reech Diing denied the allegations as ‘false accusations and baseless’ adding  that the claimants were not sure of what they are talking about.

“This is completely a big lie; how can they talk of something they are not sure of? Like now, most of these guys whose motorbikes and rakshas were arrested are members of the parliament; how can one be a member of the parliament and does not observe law which he/she is supposed to follow?,” he asked.

He said they are charging only 460 South Sudanese pounds for unregistered motorbike and 550 SSP for any unregistered raksha.

While a member of the parliament who requested anonymity told Gurtong that the exercise was not fair and they are concerned as legislators to follow the case thoroughly.

The victims also revealed that the exercise was not fair as others are being favoured in term of seniority and ranks in government.

 South Sudan traffic police came out with the resolution of changing the national number plates from “GOSS” number plates to “RSS” and states with “SS” follows by the state number.

In that case, the Northern Bahr el Ghazal bears the number plates of “SSNBG” on the vehicle and other fleet.

This came into effect when South Sudan gained her independence from Khartoum last year where they changed from interim government to full government.

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