Leather & Lace Nail Trend 2012

To listen about lather and lace sounds quiet old, but now leather and lace are on height of fashion fall 2012. Leather and lace trends is prevailing all spheres of fashion including nail arts. In Pakistan nail art is taking important space in women life, nail art potentials to introduce new trends. As the leather and lace are in fashion following are some tips to decorate your nail with latest leather and lace nail trends.

7 Nail Trends 2012

1. Matte Nail Polishes

Leather texture nail polishes are available in the market. If you don’t have its not a big issue you can use matte nail polishes. Use leather nail color on your nails; give two coatings of nail color on your nails. They look like velvet on your nails, if you are using matte nail colors, use art brush to give desired texture on plain coat.  

2. Use Studs

In nail trends 2012 you can use studs on leather nail textures, add little studs and stones on your nails with your leather texture nails. You can use glossy nail color with studs and leather texture nail polish to add royal looks in your personality.

3. Lace Texture

You all are aware about French manicure; in nail trend 2012 you can add twist in your old boring manicure with lace texture. Apart from French tips on your nail add lace like texture in net style on your nail, it will give refreshing looks to your hands.

4. Varieties of Nail Polishes

To follow leather nail trends 2012 search huge varieties of nail polishes that are available in the market, pick the gold foil nail polish and give a single coat to your nail. Add some matte or leather nail polish on tips of your nails. Enjoy your leather along with funky foil nail color it would be so trendy and funky trend to follow.

5. Pointy Tips

What you think about pointy tips? Sounds old? Be ready to rock with this old trend it is come back in fashion walk. Decorate your pointy nails with new lather and lace nail trends of your choice. Pointy fingers may look more delicate with leather on your nails; you can add lacy studs in order to give a funky look.

6. Animal Prints

In leather nail trends animal prints with leather texture look superb. With multi leather nail colors you can go with animal prints on your nails. In vertical ways you can add lace like texture also with animal prints.

7. Soft Colors As Base

With soft colors as base on your nails you can give lace like texture with leather nail colors it would be your new fashion mark in winter parties and gatherings. You can add lace studs with leather nail colors with a sequence they look like pretty lace piece on your hands.

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