You Cannot Resist This: The London Zoo Counts Its Animals For A Census

It’s time to line up your otters, put all your frogs in one place, and make sure every black-capped Bolivian squirrel monkey is present and accounted for — that’s right, the London Zoo’s annual census is in full swing. 

For the next five days, zookeepers will catalogue every meerkat, sort every spider, and take ant population approximations to confirm the presence of every animal living under its care. Sure, this is a publicity stunt. But it’s an awesomepublicity stunt that actually does find out which creatures have gone missing, passed away, or been born in the last year. 

And even more importantly, it’s darn cute. You can see the census in action for yourself until Thursday, or just scroll through our adorable slideshow of the counting in progress. Oh, and if you notice any missing penguins, please inform us immediately. (Guardian UK)


“Come on, guys! You don’t want to be late.” 

Photo: Rex/Rex USA


“Can I go back to my mud now?” 

Photo: Rex/Rex USA


“Thisss interview is over!” 

Photo: Ray Tang/Rex/Rex USA


“…And how many people monkeys reside in your household?” 

Photo: Rex/Rex USA


“Four, five, six annnnd…we’re done.” 

Photo: Rex/Rex USA

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