The Most Versatile Shoes Of The Summer

If there’s been one major life lesson to take away from living through a global pandemic, it’s to cherish all that you hold close to your heart — a cheesy but profoundly true sentiment that could arguably be extended to the things you own, like, say, a timeless pair of shoes that are worth their weight in wear-count alone (as opposed to a one-season hit). 

In the keep pile: sandals so versatile, you could wear them for all occasions and with all outfits. And Reef, the footwear brand that prides itself on all-day comfort, has dreamed up a pair that checks all the boxes. The Water Vista sandal — packaged in sleek, monochrome colorways (we’re partial to the white) — not only boasts a lightweight molded footbed, but it also features adjustable straps and a super durable outsole that can withstand even your hardiest venture. In other words, the water-friendly sandal is impressive for its support, its unparalleled comfort (plus, no breaking-in period), and its transcendent ability to tread both water and land. 

But its best feature? The fact that it can be worn day or night, with jeans or a dress, on a boat or at dinner. To prove our point, R29 beauty & wellness writer Karina Hoshikawa took the Water Vista on a 24-hour test-drive, pairing the sandal with three vastly different ‘fits that showcase its remarkable versatility in all its glory. 

Perfect for: Running errands, stopping by the farmers’ market, perusing flower stands, meeting friends for brunch 
Dressiness level: Low-key & casual

Forget striking a balance — embrace a relaxed silhouette by doubling down on loose, easy-to-wear pieces, like an oversized striped button-down with slouchy denim (consider the look a more put-together version of sweats). Together, they exude a level of effortless sophistication buoyed by a cheeky, laissez-faire spirit. To temper excessive bagginess, half-tuck the shirt and cuff the legs — the latter of which also sets the stage to spotlight your shoes: Water Vista strappy sandals that tie the whole look together. 

Perfect for: Sailing on a boat, strolling on beaches, hanging out at BBQs, all-around living your best life 
Dressiness level: Laidback refinement 

There’s something so utterly polished about a streamlined, one-shade palette, especially when that color is as pristine as white. The message it inadvertently communicates to the world: You’re an adult, you don’t spill wine on yourself; in fact, you repel stains. Be that person and slip into a sweeping, wind-catching ecru-colored dress that provides a neat, subtle contrast against your stark white, water-friendly sandals. 

Perfect for: Dining out with a date, social distancing at outdoor concerts, meeting up for drinks
Dressiness level: Alluring, yet approachable

Cute yet sexy, dressy but casual, revealing while also covered — it’s a look that defies all laws of fashion. It’s a sartorial amalgam of everything we could possibly ask for in a p.m. ‘fit: a skin-skimming minidress with cutouts, diagonally slashed from here to there; a denim jacket to offset exposure and to provide a buffer against any surprising dips in temperature; and, best of all, the Water Vista sandal that promises comfort for wherever your night might take you.  

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