Watch Out, Wallets: We Just Found The Next Big Thing In Online Shopping

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Photography by Jenna Stahl

Love shopping eBay, Rent the Runway, Net-A-Porter, and your friends’ closets? Brand-new e-tailerShop Hers is all four wrapped up in one very pretty, super-addictive package. Yep, we’re calling it: It’s the latest soon-to-be craze.

The brainchild of former Ford model Jaclyn Shanfeld, ShoeDazzle CTO Thanh Khuu, and Nordstrom web designer Jenna Stahl, Shop Hers is an ultra-curated marketplace that allows its members to sell and shop pre-owned designer apparel and accessories in the ultimate closet swap. It’s like eBay…but with a little more Chanel and a lot less kitchen equipment.

Here’s how it works: First, you create an account (don’t worry, it’s super-quick). If you’re selling, you can either opt to photograph, price, and upload your items yourself (you’ll incur a 18% transaction fee when each item sells) or you can cash in on Shop Hers’ VIP treatment, and it’ll do it all for you for an extra charge. If you’re buying, Shop Hers actually receives the item first and vets it to make sure it’s true to its description before sending it on to your hot little hands. How’s that for quality control?

So, exactly what kinds of things will you find on Shop Hers? Pristine Chloé handbags, barely worn Louboutins (priced under $200 no less), signature Missoni prints, Hervé Léger dresses, and more. Just don’t expect to stock up on any Zara, Banana Republic, or Forever21 — only designers and brands on Shop Hers‘ approved list will show up on the site. We told you — only the fancy stuff.

You can view other members’ profiles, comment and “like” items, and even find your style soul mates — that’s right, just enter your measurements into your profile (calm down, the info stays private), and Shop Hers will connect you with other members that match your size and taste for a hyper-personalized shopping experience. 

The idea is that by selling and shopping, you’ll be saving money and space and still be able to sustain a current, revolving wardrobe. For clothes-hungry broods like us, it’s kind of a dream.

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