Makeup Multitask: 5 Products, 7 Foxy Looks

Looking through our beauty bags recently, we had this nagging feeling like we might be thisclose to winding up on an episode of Hoarders — there’s that much going on in there. Is it our fault there are so many amazing products calling out our names on a daily basis?

Nevertheless, the need to simplify is definitely on our to-do list, which is why we invited Woodley & Bunnymakeup artist Daniel Alvarez to reveal the secrets to streamlining our beauty routine. With just five basic products, he showed us how to create seven completely different winter beauty looks — how’s that for a neat magic trick? Read on to see how to get more from your makeup, and get the step-by-step scoop on each of these lovely looks.


Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Magnetic, $44, available at Woodley & BunnyHourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, $32, available at SephoraHourglass Crème-To-Powder Bronzer Duo in Bronze Light, $40, available at HourglassEllis Faas Creamy Eyes in 113, $36, available at Ellis FaasHourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Icon, $28, available at Bloom.


Pretty Contemporary

For this oh-so-natural look, swirl a soft-dome shadow brush in the eyeshadow, then gently take the excess color off by wiping it on your hand. Alvarez says what’s left on the brush will be just enough to get a soft wash of color on the eyes. Apply the shadow using the brush in a windshield-wiper motion in the socket line of the eye. Use the brow pencil to subtly define your arches — just a few dashes to fill in any gaps.

For a rosy flush, apply the bronzer duo’s highlighter shade where the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones meet. Dab a tiny bit of the highlighter on the lips, too. Alvarez says your fingers are your best friend when creating a sheer wash on lips and cheeks, because they warm up the product and make it easier to spread.


Simple Strength

This look, reminiscent of the early ’80s, focuses on a strong brow and clean skin. Use the brow pencil to define the brow as much as possible, Alvarez says. To avoid a severe look, he recommends using the natural parameters of your brow as a guide, making sure to stay inside that shape. Brush the hair down using the spoolie end of the pencil, then use short, individual strokes (no coloring-in or creating a blocky shape!) to fill in gaps. Once you’ve finished adding color, use the spoolie to brush hair back upward, camouflaging your work.

For your skin, use the highlighting shade of the bronzer duo and apply it to the high planes of your face — cheekbone, browbone, chin, bridge of nose. This will give skin a subtle sheen. One thing to remember: Stay away from brow pencils with red in them. Most people are more suited to ashier tones, Alvarez says, so look for those instead.


Nouvelle Vixen

This Françoise Hardy-inspired style uses the Pretty Contemporary look as a base, then builds on that to create a French New Wave twist. Using the cream shadow, hold a tissue between your fingers and press the tip of the shadow brush between them to create a sharp point. Wedge the brush into the lash line, starting with a thin line at the inner corner and gradually making it thicker as you move toward the outer corner. To find out where your extended cat-eye should end, draw an imaginary line from the outer corner of your brow to your bottom lash line. The end point should be where this imaginary line meets your top lash line.


Sepia Siren

Inspired by the monochromatic, ’90s-influenced looks that were all over the spring ’13 runways, this look is all about keeping eyes, lips, and cheeks in the same color palette, but using a variety of textures. “It allows you to bring minimalism and simplicity to your routine, but still smoke it up,” Alvarez says. For the eyes, dip a Q-Tip in the eyeshadow. Then, rub it around the entire eye, keeping the color hazy, undefined, and close to the lash line.

Use the eyeshadow and a fluffy blush brush to add a subtle contour to the cheekbones, diffusing the color up past the outer corner of the eye and into the hairline to create a halo of warmth. To create a caramel-toned lip color, use your fingers to apply the darker shade of the bronzer duo to your lips.


Mod Maven

The strong, graphic eye that makes up the focal point of this style is reminiscent of the look at Anna Sui. Instead of focusing on trying to make a precise shape, Alvarez says there’s an easier way: Draw on the cream shadow in an approximation of the elliptical shape, then use a Q-Tip dipped in makeup remover to take off color and refine it. Apply one even coat from lashes to crease, let it set, and clean up with the makeup remover. It’s not about blending — the color should be strong, with well-defined edges.

Cheeks should be left bare, but you can use the highlighter from the bronzing duo on the lips. Fill in the brows and make sure they look symmetrical, but not overly defined — precision here will make the overall effect more severe.


Glossy Glamour

Here, dewy textures create a wet effect on the face — a nighttime-appropriate look, Alvarez says, for when you want to add drama without heavy makeup. 

To look dewy, not oily, avoid applying the highlighter on the forehead and nose — you want to add a sheen, not to look like you forgot face powder. Apply the darker shade of the bronzer duo on the lids as a cream shadow, going over the eye in a circular shape with an emphasis on the center of the lid. Use the highlighter shade as a blush, focusing on the high points of the face and the cheekbones. Layer the lip color to enhance the slick, glassy texture while still keeping the color super-saturated.


Studio 54 Glam

A hybrid of makeup from the ’20s and the ’70s, this look evokes the glamorous days of disco divas, minus the glitter. Using the powder shadow, rim the entire eye and both upper and lower lash lines; focus the pigment on the inner arch of the eye. The color should pull down in a “droopy shape” — think of the iconic cover of The Great Gatsby — but wing out slightly at the edges. Take a spoolie brush and run it through the cream shadow, then apply it on the top and bottom lashes as mascara. Alvarez says you should apply “tons” of actual mascara on those bottom lashes to frame the eyes and make them stand out.

Use the bronzer as a contour on the cheekbones, then use the highlighter on the inner corners of the eye and brow bone to get that (subtle) “disco sheen.” Apply lip color, then use a tissue to blot the color until you have a soft, velvety stain.

Photographed by 

Makeup by Daniel Alvarez,

Styled by Willow Lindley,

Model Gabriela Landazuri

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