My Style: Inside Kate Young’s Brooklyn Home

It’s hard to pin down why exactly we feel so at home with stylist Kate Young‘s work, from how she adds in her two cents on the runways at Jason Wu and Derek Lam to the editorials she’s styled for Lula andVogue to how she’s responsible for some of our favorite red-carpet moments via Diane Kruger, Michelle Williams, and Natalie Portman. It’s not hard because there’s a lack of strong vision — it’s just the opposite, actually. It’s difficult because Young’s style POV is wonderfully complex and nuanced: subtly sexy, strong but still tender, timeless without being boring, with a good bit of vintage thrown in for good measure. It’s the kind of style that we love seeing on ourselves and other women, and we owe a lot of our sartorial sensibilities to Kate’s career. 

The veteran stylist has had her fingers in nearly every aspect of fashion, from runways and red carpets to magazines and advertisements…and with herupcoming collaboration at Target, you’ll be able to find a bit of Kate in your ‘hood as well. We visited the tastemaker in her Clinton Hill home to talk shop: her favorite piece from her upcoming collection, the powder sunscreen (say what?) she’s completely obsessed with, and what it’s like raising two angels in Brooklyn.


First thing’s first! Tell us how the Target collab came to be.
“I’ve worked with Target as a stylist for years! Most people know me as a celebrity stylist, but I have also always had a dream of creating an affordable line of apparel for women who love fashion. I shared this dream on the Today show in May 2012, and shortly after the segment aired, I received a very excited phone call from my friends at Target, interested in discussing the creation of a collection — let’s just say I immediately loved the idea. I even showed up to my first meeting with sketches!” 

Young wears a black jumpsuit from her upcoming Target collaboration with a Jason Wu shirt and Roger Vivier heels.


A peek at Young’s sprawling living room. We’re loving that Beni Ourain rug.


Of course, Young would have an impressive record collection, as well.


What are your must-have pieces for spring — anything you’re lusting over?
“Anything lace or sheer is a definite must-have this spring. I also can’t get enough of mens-inspired suiting, whether it’s a blazer, shorts, or a tailored trouser.”


A close-up of Young’s bow-tied shoes.


Crystals on the mantle.


You always have great beauty tips. What are some products you are obsessing over right now?
“I’m really into this organic powder sunscreen byEminen Store. I use a transparent one, and you can’t see it at all, and it doesn’t smell or have that tacky feeling sunscreens have so often. I am completely OBSESSED with Joanna Vargas facials — she’s incredible. I also started usingKerastase Elixir Ultime a little while ago, and it’s pretty amazing, too.”

Pearl-backed pearl earrings from Dior.


A cutout curtain from Tord Boontje.


Any beauty secrets?
“I think it’s really important to exercise and sweat often — it makes me feel better and makes my skin look better. I also really think drinking green juices has made my skin better. In general, I think the healthier and happier you are, the better you look…but good products, facials, and hair colorists help!” 

Young wears a Kate Young for Target satin blazer, a top from The Row, rag & bone jeans, and Saint Laurent boots.


The Saint Laurent boots in action.


How would you describe your home’s aesthetic?
“It’s kind of dark and vibey — it feels cozy and has a lot of [my husband] Keith in it. I really like midcentury and modern design pieces, so there’s some of that in the mix.”


Do you have any crazy styling stories?
“People always ask this, and I’m not sure I do! I’m pretty organized and controlled — so things don’t get too weird.”


The dining area setup with a pet tepee in the background.


What’s your fave piece from the collection?
“It’s constantly changing, but right now, I am loving the black polka-dot bodysuit layered under the black strapless bow dress. Ask me tomorrow; I may have a new favorite!” 

Young is wearing a Kate Young for Target strapless bow dress and a polka-dot bodysuit and Agent Provocateur boots.


Who’s someone you really admire who probably never lived up to their fashion potential?
“Elizabeth Taylor — she was so beautiful and glamorous and she clearly loved clothes…but I think I could have improved some of her looks!”


If you could dress one person in history, who would it have been?
“Marie Antoinette — that would have been FUN!” 

The gold bracelets are Saint Laurent.


You bleach your hair — what color is it naturally? Will you ever stop?
“My hair is like my kid’s hair — it’s a really dark blond. I would like to have hair like Linda Rodinwhen I get older — when my hair gets gray, I think I’ll transition from platinum to silver.”


A writing nook tucked away under a staircase.


Stellan and Leif are getting so old now! Is there a particular age you’re excited for? Do they take after you or your husband more?
“I’m excited for Leif to get just a little older. Stellan is almost 5 and he can ski and swim — so I’m excited for Leif to catch up so we can do things all together as a family. I think they look more like me — but they’ve definitely got a little of both of us.”


How do you spend your “me time”?
“I run, which helps me clear my head. I also really love to read — it’s a total escape for me.”


Kate kicks back in a Jason Wu top and a pair of Kate Young for Target satin shorts.


Kate wears a bracelet she found from a church in Paris and rings from Fred Leighton, Cartier, Kwiat, A Détacher, and vintage dealers.


What are the challenges of raising kids in Brooklyn? How do you overcome it?
“Hustling them into snow clothes and through freezing cold streets to go to school and play dates and the park in winter…. The weather can be tough, and although we have a yard, it’s not the same as having wide-open space outside of the city.”


What’s been your most humbling moment?
“The kids definitely take the cake on that. I mean there are times when I have actually said, ‘Is this really my life?’ out loud. Temper tantrums, throw up, and worse…[there’s a] total lack of control. It makes it really hard to feel together and organized and smart and successful sometimes.” 

‘Sup, Young’s street!


You’re a not-so-amateur seamstress. What’s the most impressive thing you’ve made?
“I used to make a lot of the kids clothes — I don’t bother now that they’re bigger. Baby clothes are so precious and awesome — and the kids don’t protest when you dress them up!  Now, they just want to wear jeans, hoodies, and Vans (or “red pants” if you’re Leif).” 

Young stands in front of her place in a vintage T-shirt from What Comes Around Goes Around, BLK denim jeans, a Proenza Schouler jacket, and Robert Clergerie boots.


Suede booties from Clergerie.


What’s been your proudest moment?
“This Target collaboration is definitely the thing I’m most proud of in my career so far.”

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