The Secret Weapons Your Hair Can’t Live Without

Feel like you’ve tried every hair product under the sun and still haven’t found the one? We feel you — we’ve been on the hunt for new products to tame our wayward manes for what feels like eons. While there is a surplus of flashy follicle enhancers on the shelves now, we’re more interested in those under-the-radar stylers that everybody uses, but nobody talks about — until now.

So, we gathered a panel of hair pros — seriously, their client list reads like a who’s who of well-coiffed celebs — to divulge the secret hair weapons they swear by. While they won’t wow you with fancy packaging or clever marketing names, these weapons of bad hair destruction will work some serious magic on your mane. Want to know more? We’ll have to check your security clearance first…


For Restoring Dry, Damaged Hair: Goldie’s Argan Hair Oil

“Anyone who is on the argan-oil train must get on board with Goldie’s Argan Oil. Not only is it a great price for the amount, it can be used on wet or dry hair. I even use it on my body as a moisturizer! In addition to treating dehydration and damage, it will keep locks looking stylish and fuss-free all day — from a day at the beach to a night out. Easy.” — Erin Anderson

$35, available at Woodley & Bunny.


For Frizz-Free Curls: Tancho Stick Hair Styling Balm

“I love the way it smells…sort of lavender with a twist of spice. It comes in a stick form, and you can either directly apply it to your hair, or put some in your palms and rub through. The consistency is like a waxy pomade. I love to use it when my hair is damp to make soft, beachy curls that don’t frizz.  While everyone else is running for a salt spray, I prefer the Tancho Stick. I feel like super-hipsters know about this, but not the masses, which is a shame — because it’s fabulous!” — Debi Dumas 

$12, available at Lucky Scent.


For The Shiniest Blow Out: Ibiza Hair Brushes

“I love these brushes. They are super-lightweight with a cork handle, which makes them easy to maneuver. The bristles are made of a combination of boar and nylon. The boar creates shine and volume, while the nylon gives you traction. The result is hair that has lasting shine, texture, and lots of movement.” — Adir Abergel

$38-$60, available at Ibiza Hair.


For Super-Soft Strands: Loma Organics Pearatin Fortifying Repairative Serum

“It’s like fabric softener for the hair! It’s a shine serum plus leave-in conditioner fortified with hair protein that literally makes hair feel brand-new. Use it on wet or dry hair — it’s great for blowouts. There’s also a color complex in it that helps protect hair color and smells delish! I seriously don’t know how this product doesn’t have a ton of press…it’s amazing!” —Bradley Irion

$35.99, available at Sleek Hair.


For Loose, Sexy Curls: Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

“You may have heard of Murray’s wax, but chances are you aren’t using it correctly. This product, like many others, can be overapplied. If you have curly hair, simply rub the product on your fingertips to create a film on your fingers. Do not take dime-sized amounts — that is way too much! Pulling the product through your hair will loosen up the curls creating a more piece-y look with pliable hold. Be sure to use it all over, not just in one place, as that will create a greasy look and will clump the curls together.” — Benjamin Thigpen 

$2.99, available at CVS.


For Crazy-Good Humidity Protection: Amika Touchable Hair Spray

“This touchable hairspray is a top favorite of mine because of the multiple uses you can get from it. I love this for all hair types — I use it to set and style hair with a blow dryer or curling iron. You have similar pliability to an Elnett, but with the anti-humectant qualities. You can slowly build up the amount of hairspray, so that by the end of styling you have a strong hold. It can also be used as a lightweight spray that allows the hair to move and bounce, but maintains the anti-frizz qualities! Love, love, love this hairspray.” — Adam Maclay

$21, available at Amika.


For Easy, Effortless Volume: Kusco-Murphy Setting Lotion

“I discovered the product in Australia when I was touring with Kristen Stewart for the Snow White & The Huntsman premiere. It’s a secret volumizing weapon — it builds an amazing foundation for the perfect carefree, lived-in blowout. You spray it on the root prior to a blow-dry to add strength and shine. I am always on the hunt for the best volumizers to to help me create fuller-looking style. It’s hard to find in the U.S.; I usually buy refills atFrends, an amazing beauty supply store in LA. I love this place because you can discover other hidden beauty treasures.” — A.A.

$27.69, available at Sleek Hair.


For Pretty Much Everything: David Mallett Hair Serum #DM027

“This is a great multi-tasking serum for all hair types that smooths, hydrates, and repairs without a heavy or greasy finish. I can use this on just about any hair type to resolve various issues. For dry hair, I like to use it before blow-drying — it detangles and makes straightening a breeze. I also use it as a finisher to add shine and definition. I encourage clients, especially those with curls, to apply it on wet hair and then air-dry to give their hair a break from heat styling.  At home, clients can use a few drops on wet or dry hair to refresh style and add shine. This is a great product for all weather conditions, as it really protects from environmental damage and also helps prevent hair color fading.” — E.A.

$85, available at Woodley and Bunny.


For Resuscitating Trashed Tresses: Nohona 100% Organic Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair

“This is the purest, highest-grade coconut oil I have found. It’s great for the scalp, adds moisture to the driest hair, and is loaded with vitamin E — I can’t live without it! It’s perfect for African-American hair. It can be used as an overnight treatment, as a leave-in conditioner, or just apply it to dry, brittle ends before and after blow-drying. It’s in my kit and in my bathroom.” — Laini Reeves

$20, available at Nohona.


For Keeping Your ‘Do Free From Frizz: Fantasia Frizz Buster Serum

“I use this on almost every head of hair that I style. All I need is a tiny dab on my hands. I run it through the hair before I wet it, or use any other product on top of it prior to styling. It’s inexpensive and works much better than most serums that cost more.” —Greg Griner

$7.99, available at Target.


For Taming Even The Wispiest Of Baby Hairs: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control Hair Gel

“Edge Control helps smooth edges, stops hairline breakage, and controls flyaway hairs. It has olive oil extract, so it infuses moisture directly into the hairline, while fighting those pesky baby hairs. It helps me put the finishing touches on a look. It’s little details like stray flyways that can transform an everyday look into a more sophisticated, polished one. To use, take a pea-sized amount, emulsify it between your fingers, and apply to the strays.” — Jonathan Mason

$5.49, available at Walgreens.

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