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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Courtesy its rich culture, it is hardly surprising to see India becoming an inspiration for designers the world over. Traditional Indian jewellery and designs are a rage on the ramps worldwide today.

While the zardosi print caught the fancy of many designers, Indian motifs of birds and animals like peacock, elephant and others are a rage on the international runways. With Liz Hurley and Victoria Beckham sporting Indian jewellery, jhumkas and bindis are enthralling the international audience.

Hear designer Raghavendra Rathore, “Motifs speak a language by themselves, and their presence in apparel or accessories is reflective of a certain ethnicity. Indian motifs have a global significance as they evoke a certain mood reminiscent of tradition, material, technique, economics, aesthetics, perception, and era. All of these aspects make them unique. Over a period of time, motifs have evolved a bit as far as their relevance and use on clothing is concerned. But, they have still not lost their innate Indian feel.”

Motifs of mythological characters of Lord Shiv and Lord Ganesha also have intrigued the world of fashion. The situation has changed for the better as Indian prints and motifs are considered more fashionable of late. “Indian art and design have been a source of inspiration for designers from all over the world. Our traditional prints and weaves and colours have shown up time and again on international runways. Indian design will just grow stronger, as fashion today is delving deeper and deeper into traditional arts and crafts. This is the reason which inspires not just us, the Indian designers, but the world at large,” explains designer Anita Dongre.

Another designer Tarana Masand thinks that India’s artistic recognition at the international level is definitely a step forward. “It’s great to be part of a culture that is the cynosure of eyes at the moment. In the past, artistic references have been taken from great civilisations such as the Egyptian, Roman and Greek civilisations. Now, it’s time to unfold India,” says Tarana.

Now that Indian designs are much more visible than ever before, we love to watch global runways as India unfolds itself time and again. In other words, keeping an eye on international fashion was never more satisfying.

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